It's been months since I tried and reviewed all of Buffalo Wild Wings sauces and seasonings, yet I still don't think I've recovered. With more than 25 options, narrowing this list down to 10 was like choosing my favorite dog; I don't have children yet, so I really can't even go there. Nevertheless, I persisted through the research, and what follows is my extremely thoughtful ranking of the best flavors.

Before we get into list, a pro tip: Get the traditional New York-style wings when enjoying these sauces. Boneless wings don't belong here, in my opinion.

10. Sweet BBQ

It's really tangy, and almost like candy in terms of sweetness...but a really good, savory candy. Just try it!

9. Caribbean Jerk

The Caribbean Jerk is a sleeper hit. If you were on the fence about this flavor because you tend to opt for the typical buffalo-style spice, give this one a shot. The cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg flavors are so unexpected, and they keep this sauce from feeling fiery hot.

8. Thai Curry

The heat from this sauce hits you right in the back of your throat, but it hurts SO good. The sweet chilies blended with coconut and curry will clear your sinuses right up.

7. Salt & Vinegar

If you obsess over salt and vinegar potato chips, you will freak over this sauce. Eating a dozen of these wings will make your tongue feel like sand paper, but it's worth it.

6. Bourbon Honey Mustard

This sauce has levels to it: First it's sweet, then it's tangy, then the mustard comes in at the end and catches you by surprise.

5. Parmesan Garlic

Trying to feel rich and classy? This wing is by far the most decadent on their menu—and just a few of them will fill you right up.

4. Hot BBQ

      Sweet, tangy, and spicy, what else do ya need? If you're craving classic BBQ flavor, nothing else will do. Just get this.

      3. Jammin' Jalapeño

      This is a limited-time menu item, and I'd like to petition the company to keep it forever. Wings drenched in this sauce taste like jalapeño poppers without the cream cheese.

      2. Buffalo Hot

      Out of all of the buffalo levels—medium, original, hot, and wild—hot has my heart. There wasn't a huge spice different between the medium and original, but the hot had the perfect amount of heat to justify the blue cheese dressing.

      1. Mango Habanero

      Do not let the cute name fool you. This b*tch is HOT. Cool yourself down with a Moscow mule while you get through these. If you're looking for the best, spiciest wing on the menu, this one is it. Layers upon layers of straight heat.

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