It's 2006. You're wearing your brand new tan Uggs, your favorite light-wash, low-rise jeans, and the ringtone on your Razr is "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake. You're strutting through the mall and then the scent of cinnamon and butter smacks you in your face: Cinnabon. You want to resist, but you can't. It's a sin to *not* get a roll, isn't it? The moment I walked into the American Dream mall in New Jersey, every single middle school memory of Cinnabon came rushing over me and I haven't been so excited to try a menu since my mom allowed me to sign up for MySpace. Here are the best menu items to order next time you catch yourself at the mall:

Best Roll: Classic Roll

Chelsea Lupkin

Their warm, gooey roll is softball-sized and without a doubt the reason you're going to Cinnabon. I'm happy to report it's still just as comforting and delicious as it was the last time you visited. That tangy, lemony frosting deserves to go on everything.

Best On-The-Go Item: Center of the Roll

center of the roll
Chelsea Lupkin

Surprise! This item was my favorite on the menu. Before you clutch your pearls, let me explain: It's the best part of the Cinnabon roll times... twelve. Plus, it's a mess-free way of eating your favorite part of the roll. Say goodbye to those dry outer layers!

Most Surprising: Cinnabon Stix

Chelsea Lupkin

When I looked at these, I expected a dry, churro-like pastry—but when I bit into it I realized Cinnabon has created something genius. It's as if a cinnamon roll and buttery croissant had a baby. The layers of butter and pastry, along with the frosting to dip, make this one of the more interesting items to order.

Best Drink: Frozen Lemonade

frozen lemonade
Chelsea Lupkin

TBH, skip the coffee unless you need some caffeine. The frozen lemonade is tart and refreshing, and balances out sweetness of the rolls. Close runner up? The raspberry frozen lemonade.

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