There's nothing like enjoying some ice cream at the beach. And at Coney Waffle Ice Cream Cakery you can choose your own frozen adventure by customizing an ice cream sandwich, cake, or waffle sandwich. It's the ultimate dessert destination on the Jersey Shore.

But you should know that these aren't your average ice cream sandwiches. Coney Waffle's giant ice cream sandwich cake stacks a heaping portion of homemade ice cream between two half-pound cookies. Each batch of cookies uses eight sticks of butter and eight cups of chocolate chips. And if that's not enough chocolate for you, they can decorate the outside of the cake with even more.

Coney Waffle's massive ice cream sandwich cake comes in nine different flavors and over a dozen decoration options. The cookies come in six, eight, and 10-inch sizes that can all feed a crowd. Who needs a birthday cake when you can have five pounds of cookies and ice cream?

However, if you can't convince 10 friends to help you finish these ice cream sandwiches, you can order their Coney Waffle. The thing that makes these waffles special is their patented waffle iron. Each waffle has those classic ridges as well as plenty of room in the center for three scoops of ice cream. What looks like a cross between a waffle and a hot dog bun makes for the perfect vehicle for enjoying ice cream on the go. And you can only get it at Coney Waffle.

Check out the video above to see how these show-stopping treats are made, and be sure to head down to Coney Waffle on the Jersey Shore to try them yourself.

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