Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, has been thrilling guests with rollercoasters, European-themed architecture, and unbelievable food for nearly a half century. Since 1990, it's been honored with the World's Most Beautiful Theme Park title by the National Amusement Park Historical Association 32 times in a row.

With dozens of dining destinations throughout the park, it’s almost impossible to decide what treats to try. Thankfully, Iconic Eats host Adriana Redding ate her way through Busch Gardens to find the best of the best.

Daily tickets to the park start at $99.99, and you can buy your meals individually or add the All Day Dining Deal for $49.99 to get an all-access pass. Here are the six can't-miss food and drink items at Busch Gardens.

Best Drink: Beer Flight, $12.99

Adriana Redding

Busch Gardens has great opportunities for tasting wine, beer, and spirits. In each region of the park, there are tasting rooms offering beverages specific to each themed location. Think Scotch in Scotland, wine in France, and whiskey in Ireland. And the best part is you can buy your favorite bottles to take home or even sip throughout the park. Our favorite is the Brauhaus Craft Bier Room in the Oktoberfest wing, where they highlight the best beers from Germany as well as local brews.

Best Appetizer: Poutine, $10.99

poutine at busch gardens
Adriana Redding

The Poutine at Les Frites in France area are the perfect start to a meal. The fries are hand cut and fried until golden brown and perfectly crisp. They act as a base for any toppings you want: chili, marinara sauce, bacon, and even barbecue pork. However, we recommend the poutine style with the comforting combo of gravy and cheese curds.

Best Meal: Fish-n-Chips, $14.99

fish and chips at busch gardens
Adriana Redding

One of the best meals you can get at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is tucked away in the park's England wing. Squire’s Grille serves up their hand-battered Fish-n-Chips that are the perfect balance of meaty and crispy. Each fish fillet has crunchy edges and is perfect when dipped in tartar sauce. While the fish itself may be a star, we can’t forget about the waffle fries, which are standouts in their own right.

Best Snack: Jumbo Pretzel, $5.99

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When you want to eat something while you wait in line for a roller coaster, the pretzels in the park's German wing are a must-try. At German Pretzels and Beer restaurant, they make over 2,500 pretzels by hand every day. The crispy, golden brown exterior is slathered in plenty of butter and gives any mall food-court pretzel a run for its money. Pair it with some beer-infused mustard and you'll be in salty heaven.

Best Dessert: Maple Bacon Donut, $3.29

maple bacon donut at busch gardens
Adriana Redding

The maple bacon donut at M. Sweet’s Confectionary is an incredible treat that you’re unlikely to find at any other theme park. The shop has a wide variety of traditional and out-of-the-box donut flavors, but the salty-sweet maple and bacon is our favorite. The cake donut base is light, fluffy, and simple enough to allow the peppered bacon bits and maple glaze to shine.

Best Budget Item: Fudge, $3.99

fudge at busch gardens
Adriana Redding

M. Sweets Confectionary also has rich, delightfully soft fudge. Our favorite flavor has bits of marshmallows and walnuts for a crunchy surprise. The best part about this fudge? The buy four, get two free deal. Based on our math, you’ll get six huge blocks of fudge for about $16. Might just be the best bargain in the park.

Best For Sharing: Irish Nachos, $8.99

irish nachos at busch gardens
Adriana Redding

The Irish Nachos at Grogan’s Pub are perfect for a crowd. They start out with a base of thick homemade chips, then pile it high with chili made with Guinness. Top it off with a blanket of melted beer cheese and you have a hearty, flavorful dish that everyone will enjoy. Plus, these nachos pair perfectly with a pint of Guinness.

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