Funnel cake is a quintessential theme park food. It strikes the perfect balance between sweet, crispy, and fluffy. Normally, we're happy to just enjoy funnel cake with a healthy dusting of powdered sugar, but King's Dominion has upped the ante with their loaded version.

You can get your hands on this seven-pound treat in the World's Greatest Funnel Cakes section of the theme park's International Street area. The process of building this massive funnel cake is just as beautiful as the finished product.

King's Dominion starts by constructing the base. They set a circular mold in the deep fryer and pours in layers upon layers of batter. Like how you would make a pancake, they flip the funnel cake once bubbles start popping above the surface. It takes a giant steel strainer to lift the whole thing.

Once both sides are nice and crispy, they drain the excess oil and place the funnel cake into a pizza box. Then it's time for toppings!

First, they drizzle ample servings of melted chocolate and caramel on the entire funnel cake. Next comes three hearty scoops of strawberries and a massive pile of whipped cream right in the center. Then, they dust it with a ton of rainbow sprinkles, and it's ready to eat!

This funnel cake is perfect for sharing while you explore the rest of the park. If you want to try it for yourself, head down to King's Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. You can also check out their other delicious food offerings in our episode of Iconic Eats.