King’s Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, has been thrilling guests with rollercoasters, water attractions, and unbelievable food for nearly a half century. This year, they’re celebrating the newest addition to the park: Jungle X-Pedition. The new area houses Virginia’s first-ever 4D spinning rollercoaster, Tumbili. In celebration of Tumbili’s launch, King’s Dominion opened a new signature restaurant and released a new beer.

With over 35 dining spots throughout the park, it’s almost impossible to decide what treats to try. Thankfully, Iconic Eats host Adriana Redding ate her way through King’s Dominion to find the best of the best.

Daily tickets to the park start at $49.99, and you can buy your meals individually or add the All Day Dining pass for $29.99 to get all-access food throughout your trip. Here are the six can't-miss food and drink items at King’s Dominion.

Best Cocktail: Explorer Elixir, $13.99

Chelsea Lupkin

As if you needed another reason to head to the new Jungle X-Pedition wing of the park, their drink selection is next level. Our favorite of the bunch is the Explorer Elixir, an out-of-this-world prickly pear margarita. The cocktail strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart. Add in the salted rim and lime wedge as a garnish and you’ve got the perfect beverage for a warm summer day.

Best Appetizer: Loaded Pork Taters, $15.99

paper boat of loaded french fries
Chelsea Lupkin

For the ultimate starter that’s meant for sharing, wander over to Excavator’s Taters for their Loaded Pork Taters. You get a boat of French fries with a mountain of toppings: pulled pork, cheese, jalapeños, bacon, and green onions. Finish that off with a drizzle of jalapeño ranch and you have a hearty, smoky appetizer that you can share with the whole family.

Best Meal: Brisket Platter, $18.99

platter of sliced brisket, mac and cheese, and a cornbread muffin
Chelsea Lupkin

A smoked meat aroma wafts through Country Kitchen in King's Dominion's Old Virginia. You can customize a plate with your choice of protein and all of the classic barbecue sides. Their brisket is rich, tender, and just melts in your mouth. And since they slice to order, you can rest assured that you're eating some of the freshest food at the park.

Best Dessert: Fried Apple Pie, $6.99

fried apple hand pie
Chelsea Lupkin

The fried apple pie at Juke Box Diner is one of the best desserts at the park. The crispy, golden crust is dusted liberally with cinnamon sugar and filled with warm apple filling. We love the classic flavors and the variety of textures. It's the ideal dessert to carry around with you as you walk through the park.

Best Budget Item: Pork Rinds, $3.99

bag of homemade pork rinds
Chelsea Lupkin

You can get a giant bag of house-made pork rinds at The Parched Pig in Old Virginia for less than $4. These are so satisfyingly crispy and coated in plenty of seasoning without being too salty. If you want, you can wash these down with one of the many craft beers on tap.

Best for Sharing: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, $15.99

two slices of buffalo chicken pizza with a breadstick
Chelsea Lupkin

One of the best deals in the park is perfect for sharing; for just $15.99, you can get not one, but two slices of buffalo chicken pizza and a breadstick from Victoria's Pizza. Each slice is loaded with plenty of chicken, cheese, and ranch dressing. And since there's two of them, you can easily split this with another person. Another bonus: you can soak up any extra sauce and toppings with the breadstick.

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