Chloé Lukasiak from Dance Moms has grown a lot since her tenure on the reality show. She dished on her cast mates and home life while baking her favorite treat, slutty brownies, and we can't wait to remake them for yourselves at home.

The dancer is no stranger to the kitchen and has perfected her chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and pancake recipes during the pandemic. The first time she made these slutty brownies, with fellow Dance Moms alumna Nia Sioux, they both waited next to the oven to ensure they were finished flawlessly.

For an easy version of the recipe you can use all pre-made mixes for your ingredients. This includes packaged cookie dough, brownie mix, and a pack of Oreos. Chloé suggests the Nestlé Tollhouse chocolate chip lovers dough, since it comes with bigger chunks of chocolate, and Ghirardelli brownie mix for a more flavorful and rich finish.

In the pan of your choice, pat down a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, then add a layer of Oreo cookies, and finish it all off with your brownie mix. These treats are a true test of patience—Chloé suggests baking them for one hour to ensure each layer is cooked all the way through.

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Despite her sweet tooth and love for baking, Chloé admits she's a bit of a picky eater—so much so that when she was a kid, her mom tried to feed her chicken noodle soup and she threw a full-on tantrum. But hey, that drama is nothing considering what we've witnessed at Abby Lee Dance Company!

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