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Here at Delish, we already believe food is magic. At Netflix, they take that same sentiment a bit further with their forthcoming new show Baking Impossible. Hosted by Justin Willman, the show will combine a baking contest with an engineering competition, and Justin showed Delish some of his special magic tricks to get us excited for the series.

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A magician by trade, Justin knows how to liven up a party with some unexpected tricks and stunts. Justin showed off all of the food-related magic tricks he knows, plus how to recreate them yourself so you can be the life of any party.

The guy showed up how to turn water into a wine ice cube, how to "bounce" a dinner roll on the ground, and how to use "psychic dice" to cut a banana. To show off a trick that's a little more impressive, you'll do what Justin calls the "disappearing quarter trick." Basically, you'll place a salt shaker on top of a quarter, then place a napkin on top of the salt shaker. After "accidentally" messing up the initial trick, you'll instead make the salt shaker disappear—by expertly throwing it onto your lap while the viewers are focusing on the quarter.

All of these tricks are just a taste of the magic to come on the show, which puts teams of bakers and engineers (or "bakineers") head-to-head in design and baking competitions.

Baking Impossible's first season premieres October 6 on Netflix.

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