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Paris Hilton shares plenty of her life with the world online, but the star has some secrets we wanted to dig into with her—and she so kindly obliged! On this episode of Suck It Up, Paris plays the game (think "Never Have I Ever" with a sour candy twist) and reveals some piping hot tea along the way.

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As the questions get harder, the candy Paris has to eat gets more and more sour, so the game started off pretty tame. For one, Paris has said her catchphrase "That's hot" in the kitchen before, but it's not always for the same reason.

"Sometimes I'll say it because my outfit looks hot or sometimes I'll say it because it's actually hot, like spicy hot...not the fun sexy way," she says before eating the first tier of sour candies.

Next, she revealed that she does, in fact, have a favorite dog, her chihuahua Tinkerbell who passed away at the age of 14 back in 2015. Tinkerbell starred alongside Paris in her previous television show My New BFF.

When it comes to her cooking skills—which we'll be seeing more of in her Netflix show Cooking with Parisshe has indeed started a fire in the kitchen. Real fans may delight in this memory: An episode of The Simple Life saw her putting a metal pan in the microwave.

Besides that, Paris spilled she has a secret date for her wedding already set and admitted she absolutely hates sour candy. After eating the final homemade sour treat she said: "Worst candy I've ever had in my entire life. Sorry to whoever made it."

Cooking With Paris’s first season premieres August 4 on Netflix.

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