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Not many people can put "sugar sculpting" on their resume, but for Christophe Rull, that's sort of his whole thing. The baker, sugar sculptor, and star of Netflix's upcoming show Bake Squad showed us all of the steps that go into each and every one of his complex confections.

For one, sugar is one of the harder mediums to work with because it requires special heating and particular preparation. You need to fold and pull sugar to sculpt with it and to make it shiny, but when you handle it too much, it becomes tough and dull—qualities you don't want in your final product. Thus, being a sugar sculptor takes a lot of practice and expertise.

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For Christophe (and for you, I imagine, after watching this video), sugar sculpting is its own genre of art rather than a baking strategy: "It's something that is artistic and is not something that you will necessarily eat at home. It's a medium that you use to enhance a certain presentation of a product," he told Delish of the practice. "It'll require some specific equipment, and a pretty strong knowledge as well. It takes years of experience to get to that level." In fact, Christophe is so deep into his career that he hopes to win the World Chocolate Masters next year.

Still, he tells us, Christophe was baking sourdough and banana bread at home during 2020 like the rest of us. That is, until he got a call from Netflix to star in their upcoming show about baking geniuses. Above, you can see him show off his sugar skills to make an underwater-themed sculpture to display bonbons and macarons.

Bake Squad's first season premieres August 11 on Netflix.

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