If you are a person who had the opportunity to be anywhere near a television in the 2000s, you undoubtedly were an iCarly superfan. You also, I imagine, are positively panicked over the show's return (as of Thursday, the first three episodes of the reboot are streaming on Paramount+!). We are too! So, in celebration, we got Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor to.......answer ridiculous questions about food that have nothing to do with their big new undertaking or the fact that they are Nickelodeon icons.

...That said, it was really freaking funny.

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Rejoice as Freddie Nathan slowly sneaks into first place. Cackle as he remembers the delight of having experienced spaghetti tacos back in the day. Weep with joy as these three wonderful humans who clearly love each other very much make absolute fools of themselves by making it clear that they know nothing—and I do mean nothing—about food.

Miranda and Jerry are good sports about their losses, of course, but the whole video (which you can find above) is worth watching in full, if only to hear Nathan yell "WHA??" very cutely in confusion, like, three times in seven minutes. Plus, you may pick up a fun party fact or two for yourself.

Again, you can stream the first three eps of new iCarly now—new episodes will begin rolling out weekly as of next week. Happy watching/reminiscing/laughing/living, etc., etc.

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