If you're gearing up for the premiere of Katie Thurston's debut as The Bachelorette this season, you probably need something to hold you over until tonight. In such a case, Matt James showed Delish around his New York City apartment kitchen and we learned so much about his eating habits—and his roommate woes.

The former bachelor shares an apartment in Manhattan with his best friend, and fellow Bachelor franchise alumnus, Tyler Cameron. Matt said when it comes to what they keep stocked in their fridge, "Everything is centered around snacking, breakfast, or smoothies."

Their fridge is full of Ithaca Hummus in about every flavor you can think of, which is no surprise if you've seen the insane snack boards Matt shared photos of online during his season of The Bachelor; almost all of them featured this brand of hummus. For dipping into the hummus, Matt typically opts for "brolives," which are really just pieces of broccoli that he makes with olives attached to the stems.

Besides that, eggs, coconut water, yogurt, frozen fruit, Teddy Grahams, and protein bars are always available at the James-Cameron residence. Plus, Michael Jordan's tequila, Cincoro, and pasta with sauce for "date night," according to Matt.

Overall, Matt said there's not much he'd change about his kitchen. He typically cleans as he cooks so it's always spotless, but he said Tyler doesn't do the same. "Tyler, if you see this, get the hint and do your part here," he said. So uhhh, we'll let these roommates sort that out between the two of them.

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