NBA legend Chris Bosh knows what it takes to fuel his body to become a two-time NBA champion. During the basketball season, Chris would stay pretty consistent with his diet, but on the off season would always be sure to explore different foods as much as possible.

While playing, he knew that keeping up with his nutrition was an important part of his performance: "I'd be running miles and miles if it was a game day and sometimes even during practice," he told Delish.

For breakfast before training, he'd typically opt for oatmeal spiced up with brown sugar, honey, fruit, and chopped pecans. Oatmeal was an accessible option to eat at home and is often available at hotels so it was easy to keep up with. Sometimes he'd choose a bagel with cream cheese and lox to really fill up before playing.

Lunch would often include fish like sea bass or salmon with a side salad and dinner would be a little heavier, with steak, potatoes, and veggies as a staple. During the off season is when Chris would be sure to broaden his diet a bit, especially because it was during this time that his family would be able to travel together.

"You might find us in Provence, France, having a nice rotisserie chicken, you might find us on the coast of Italy having some nice fish or a real nice pasta," he said of the vacation he took with his wife.

Besides that, his eating habits on and off the court were all about keeping the food balanced, and Chris prides himself on the fact that he'll always try anything at least once (like crocodile, for example) these curious eating habits also helped him show Dwyane Wade that there was more to life than just chicken. In fact, Chris says he probably is one of the first people to turn Dwyane on to eating salad. That's what teammates are for!

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