This TikToker Just Revealed The Most Genius Way To Eat Ramen

Chances are, you've already got the eating tools she uses...

Today's a good day, and it's a good day because we've just uncovered *the* most outrageously genius trick that maximises your chances of slurping up all the goodness that comes with eating ramen. No — it doesn't involve using chopsticks. And no — it doesn't require a soup spoon. Instead, it involves using a pair of reusable, metal straws. Er, come again?

For those that are familiar with the usual mess that can come with eating ramen (random bursts of noodles plummeting out of your mouth, occasional spits of hot broth slapping the person opposite in the face), you'll be pleased to hear that we've discovered a way of eating ramen that avoids all of that.

Spotted on TikTok via @bribri_is_wheezy, it turns out that all you need to eat ramen in piece in the comfort of your own home (maybe don't try this in public) is a pair of reusable, metal straws. The tip? Use the pair of straws like you would chopsticks, and then slurp up the broth through them. Told you, G-E-N-I-U-S.

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And we're not the only ones completely blown away by this tip. One person commented, "Sometimes, very rarely, this app shows me something that changes me forever like this." While another said, "Some people just living a step ahead of everyone else."

@bribri_is_wheezy's video has gathered over 2.3 million views and counting since it was posted just two days ago, gaining around 300,000 likes and thousands of comments and saves.

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