How To Make Roast Potatoes Extra Crispy Using Mayonnaise

You've never seen roast potatoes look this good!

Roasties are a rite of passage for us Brits, and they're pretty much perfect for any situation we find ourselves in. Hungover? Roasties. Feeling snacky? Roasties. Need a spud-tacular side? Roasties.

But it's actually how you cook them up that makes all the difference in whether they turn out good or not. Which is why we believe this nifty hack for the making tastiest, crispiest roast potatoes of your life is — quite frankly — game-changing.

Brought to our attention by Eitan Bernath on TikTok (@eitan), the tip involves using everyone’s favourite condiment: mayonnaise. Let us explain further...

Eitan cooks his roasties by slathering them with a big ol’ spoonful of mayo, before adding pepper, garlic, paprika and fresh parsley, and then putting them in the oven for 20 minutes. He says that this cooking method creates roast potatoes which are “perfectly soft and pillowy on the inside, crunchy on the outside and full of flavour.”

No — seriously… but how good do those potatoes look?

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Mayo Roasted Potatoes are going to be your new favorite cooking hack this season! cooking food chef

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This got us wondering, how else can we use mayo during our cooking? Well, according to Chef and Culinary Director of Food & Wine, Justin Chapple, mayonnaise is also great for stopping our turkeys from drying out (Christmas is just four months away, folks).

Justin explains to Food & Wine, “When you cover your turkey with mayonnaise, it bastes it during the roasting process, keeping the meat moist and tender.

“You want to put the mayo on the outside and inside of the turkey so it gets extra juicy.”

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So, who's stocking up on mayo this winter?

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