22 Creamy Soup Recipes

Get ready to feel all warm and cozy inside.

baked feta soup topped with breadcrumbs

We LOVE soup here at Delish. Cold summer gazpachos, chicken soups, noodle soups… we enjoy them all. When we’re craving something extra comforting though, nothing beats a bowl of creamy soup (except maybe chicken noodle soup, if we’re particularly under the weather). Whether you’re looking for a weeknight dinner side dish, or a soup that’s hearty enough to be a meal, we’ve got a recipe for you. Check out our 30 creamy soup recipes for ideas—we feel all warm and comforted just thinking about them.

There are a couple ways to take a soup from thin and blah to thick and creamy. There’s classic heavy cream, of course, which makes soups like our creamy tomato Parm soup, our she-crab soup, and our cream of mushroom soup extra delicious. Another great (and non-dairy) option is coconut milk. You could use the thin tetra pack coconut milk (comparable to almond milk) to bulk out the liquid in your soup, but when you want something creamy and dreamy, you gotta go for the can. It’s not just for curries, either (though we certainly love it in those recipes too). Try our Thai chicken coconut soup, our coconut curry red lentil soup, or our creamy chicken ramen to see how versatile it can be.

Looking for something with lower calories (we get it, heavy cream and coconut milk are rich)? Try subbing either for Greek yogurt, like in our green goddess soup, our mulligatawny soup, or our zucchini soup—the yogurt gives them an unexpected slight tang you’ll love. You can also always sub for low-cal or “lite” versions of the originals, just be aware they won’t be quite as yummy as their full-fat counterparts. If you want to avoid cream or liquid all together, you can do that too. Instead, try just blending in some cheese, like in our baked feta soup; using potatoes to thicken, like in our spinach soup; or letting cauliflower work its magic in our cauliflower leek soup (seriously, is there anything cauliflower can’t do?!).

Want even more soup inspiration? Check out our favorite fall soups and winter soups. And you know what goes great with soup? Salad! Check out our favorite winter salads and fall salads too.

ramen chicken noodle soup
Ethan Calabrese
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Creamy Chicken Ramen Soup

Chicken soup is amazing, but sometimes we are in the mood for something that has a bit more flavor than your run of the mill canned soup. This recipe packs a flavorful punch and then some! You get some spiciness from the curry powder, a rich creaminess from the coconut milk and if you top that of with a squeeze of lime, you have a chicken soup that will ambush your taste buds.

Get the Creamy Chicken Ramen Soup recipe.

spinach soup
Parker Feierbach
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Creamy Spinach Soup

This beautifully bright soup is extra creamy, thanks to potatoes and a heavy cream drizzle at the end. The easy homemade croutons are optional, but we highly recommend them for a little added crunch.

Get the Creamy Spinach Soup recipe.

baked feta soup topped with breadcrumbs
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Baked Feta Soup

Though we can basically never say no to pasta, on a cold winter day we often start craving tomato soup. This easy to make creamy version is your answer. Simply prepare the sauce as you usually would for baked feta pasta (with a bit less feta), add some chicken broth and blend. And there's your creamy tomato soup without cream!

Get the Baked Feta Soup recipe.

olive garden chicken gnocchi soup
Erik Bernstein
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Copycat Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

As far as chowders go, clam and corn tend to get all the love. But over at the Olive Garden, they’ve highlighted the almighty chicken chowder in a beautiful way–by adding tons of vegetables and fluffy, chewy gnocchi. This is almost like making chicken n’ dumplings with half the time and effort!

Get the Copycat Olive Garden Chicken & Gnocchi Soup recipe.

creamy parm tomato soup
Emily Hlavac-Green
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Creamy Parm Tomato Soup

This easy tomato soup is perfect for those chilly fall and winter evenings. If you prefer a heartier greens, kale or broccoli rabe can be added 5 minutes after the tortellini.

Get the Creamy Parm Tomato Soup recipe.

thai chicken coconut soup  delishcom
Parker Feierbach
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Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Known as Tom Kha Ghai, this coconut soup is one we are always craving. The creamy coconut paired with ginger and lime gives this soup its unique and delicious flavor. This Thai soup is also traditionally topped with a chili oil to give it some heat—if you're not a spice fan, don't worry, the creamy coconut milk helps mellow it out.

Get the Thai Chicken Coconut Soup recipe.

she crab soup
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She-Crab Soup

Similar to a crab bisque, this creamy soup comes to us from the South Carolina low-country. Thick, rich, and loaded with crab flavor, it promises to take you to Charleston in less time than it takes you to clean your bowl.

Get the She-Crab Soup recipe.

cream of mushroom soup vertical
Ethan Calabrese
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Cream of Mushroom Soup

This is a creamy, delicious soup the French would be proud of—enjoy it all on its own, or turn it into the best green bean casserole ever.

Get the Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe.

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Parker Feierbach
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Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Is there anything more hearty, cheesy and perfect than creamy broccoli cheddar soup? You get all of the stick-to-your bones, comfort food goodness and sharp, cheesy flavor from the cheddar, while still getting a good dose of veggies. Perfect on a winter night, yet crave-able year round, this soup is an American classic.

Get the Broccoli Cheddar Soup recipe.

close up of creamy ham and potato soup
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Creamy Ham and Potato Soup

If you’re a fan of potato soup, you’re going to love this upgrade—loaded with chunks of tender potatoes, salty-sweet ham, and tender vegetables, this creamy soup is the comfort food you know and love, with a little something extra.

Get the Creamy Ham and Potato Soup recipe.

khao soi  delishcom
Joel Goldberg
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Khao Soi

Thai Khao Soi is a delicious (traditionally yellow egg) noodle soup made with chicken. Chiang Mai is one of the cities that celebrates this dish from every corner; everyone there says they make the best khao soi. Their style was created when Chinese Muslims migrated to the north and introduced khao soi with coconut milk and spices.

Get the Khao Soi recipe.

cauliflower leek soup vertical
Ethan Calabrese
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Cauliflower Leek Soup

Cauliflower soup on f(LEEK). Vegetarian? Skip the bacon.

Get the Cauliflower Leek Soup recipe.

cream of asparagus soup
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Cream of Asparagus Soup

We marry spring asparagus with a touch of butter and some garlic to soften the grassy notes, simmer it with broth until tender, then blend it until smooth with a healthy dose of cream. What results is a beautiful, soothing green soup that's rich enough to be a light meal or a satisfying appetizer that can be served hot or cold.

Get the Cream of Asparagus Soup recipe.

mulligatawny soup garnished with greek yogurt and cilantro
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Mulligatawny Soup

With roots in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and England, there are endless iterations of Mulligatawny soup, a brightly colored blended lentil soup with the perfect balance of spicy, creamy and sour with a hint of sweetness. Our protein-packed version is completely vegetarian and can easily be made vegan by swapping the butter for canola oil and the Greek yogurt for your favorite soy or nut-based plain yogurt.

Get the Mulligatawny Soup recipe.

coconut zoodle soup
Mike Garten
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Coconut Zoodle Soup

Meet our new favorite soup. It's rich with coconut milk and packed with chicken, bell peppers, and zoodles. It's a more festive take on the classic chicken noodle soup, and we might just love it more.

Get the Coconut Zoodle Soup recipe.

curried red lentil soup  delishcom
June Xie
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Coconut Curried Red Lentil Soup

There's a little something in here for everyone: chunky veggies in all that creaminess, plus a super well-spiced, crunchy nut topping that adds a bump of excitement. Top it all off with fresh herbs (mint and thyme are favorites, but any will do!) and a touch of fresh lemon zest and you've got flavor on flavor on flavor.

Get the Coconut Curried Red Lentil Soup recipe.

creamy reuben soup
Emily Hlavac Green
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Creamy Reuben Soup

Everyone loves the cheesy bread topping on French onion soup, so we stole from our favorite reuben sandwich and turned it into a creamy soup!

Get the Creamy Reuben Soup recipe.

lobster bisque
Park Feierbach
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Lobster Bisque

Usually, lobster bisque is made with a stock of lobster shells. Our version is much more streamlined (see: easier and less expensive) and truly just as rich and delicious. The result is a velvety smooth bisque with big chunks of lobster in every bite. It's decadent and so satisfying, and it comes together in just 1 hour!

Get the Lobster Bisque recipe.

leek and potato soup in a white bowl on a dark wooden surface
June Xie
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Leek And Potato Soup

While many recipes using leeks call for discarding the tougher, more fibrous green tops, we reserve them, slice 'em real thin, and stir-fry them until crispy and golden. Sprinkled with a little salt, fried leek greens transform an otherwise fine bowl of soup into an outstanding one.

Get the Leek And Potato Soup recipe.

zucchini soup
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Zucchini Soup

Traditionally zucchini soup has been made one of two ways: either cooked to death or pureed raw. This recipe combines the best of both approaches, starting with sautéed and garlic, then adding in raw zucchini, which blends into a velvety soup. There's a generous handful of fresh basil in the soup itself, lending a peppery bite and its deep green hue, while a topper of garlicky chive yogurt adds tang and a hint of onion-flavor.

Get the Zucchini Soup recipe.

carrot ginger soup
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Carrot Ginger Soup

This is a recipe we come back to again and again: canned coconut milk makes it super creamy and rich, and just a tablespoon of fish sauce adds depth and makes this soup feel that much more special.

Get the Carrot Ginger Soup recipe.

cream of potato soup
Lucy Schaeffer
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Cream of Potato Soup

What says comfort more than cream of potato soup? Not much! The potatoes in ours are cooked separately, which allows you to save some of them to be added at the end and not pureed with the rest of the soup. We're ALL about that good mouthfeel.

Get the Cream of Potato Soup recipe.

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