30 Frozen Drinks To Turn Any Day Into A Vacation

You and your trusty blender are about to be BFFs. 😎

strawberry daiquiri
Emily Hlavac Green

When the temperature gets hot, the drinks better be cold. We'll take any opportunity to break out our blender to mix up a batch of frozen margaritas, tropical daiquiris, and creamy piña coladas. Call us frozen drink opportunists and you'd be right. You'll find it's almost too easy to lean in to summer with these refreshing frozen cocktail recipes that will turn any day into a vacation.

Our biggest pro tip: We highly recommend freezing (or buying frozen versions of) any and all of your favorite fruits to make you an expert-level frozen drink mixologist. Mixing in frozen fruit with fresh fruit will ensure your drinks stay slushy and cold, while adding body and plenty of flavor. Future you will be so happy you thought ahead when you have plenty of frozen pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, and peaches for all the frozen watermelon margaritas and triple-layer piña coladas you'll be craving.

We also tested and reviewed all the best blenders out there that will guarantee the smoothest frozen drinks possible. A powerful blender + frozen peach Bellinis means you can blend anything you put your mind to.

If you've never had a granita, consider that the next recipe on your to-do list. Hailing from Sicily, classic granita ranks among the most refreshing treats, um, ever, right up there with snow cones and popsicles. We love bringing our favorite cocktail flavors to our granita-making technique, and the options are truly endless. Our frozen Prosecco and apple cider slushies are an excellent place to start.

Need more easy breezy summer time drink inspiration? Check out our summer cocktails, big batch party drinks, and easy summer shots.

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Strawberry Daiquiri

Few things are as refreshing and delightful on a hot day as a frosty frozen daiquiri. Even diehard fans of piña colada will love sipping the intoxicating blend of juicy, red strawberries brightened with lime. For best results, we call for two types of strawberries: fresh and frozen. Using frozen strawberries gives body to the drink without watering down the flavor like ice would.

Get the Strawberry Daiquiri recipe.

pina colada
Ethan Calabrese
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Piña Colada

Wondering which rum to mix into your drink? We love spiced rum in our piña coladas, while coconut rum is another classic choice for an even better tropical vibe. If you have the time, freeze your pineapple chunks (or buy frozen). This allows you to skip the ice and makes your piña colada extra creamy.

Get the Piña Colada recipe.

frozen watermelon margarita
Parker Feierbach
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Frozen Watermelon Margaritas

Chop up some fresh watermelon and throw it in the freezer the night before you make the margs—this ensures the drinks are perfectly slushy and ICE cold. If you forgot, don't fret! Two hours in the freezer should do the trick.

Get the Frozen Watermelon Margarita recipe.

frozen sangria margarita
Ethan Calabrese
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Frozen Sangria Margarita

This drink alternates frozen swirled layers of two of our favorite drinks—red wine sangria and tequila margaritas—for the perfect boozy summer sipper.

Get the Frozen Sangria Margarita recipe.

frozen pimm's cup
Emily Hlavac Green
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Frozen Pimm's Cup

You don’t have to be in the seats at Wimbledon to sip on a Pimm’s Cup–especially when you turn the classic English cocktail into a slushie. Our less-proper icy version blends up citrus, cucumber, and a bunch of fresh ginger for some legit zing.

Get the Frozen Pimm's Cup recipe.

frozen blue moscato margaritas
Erik bernstein
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Frozen Blue Moscato Margaritas

Wine lovers will absolutely love these margarita slushies because of the tasty addition of sweet moscato. The bright hue of this drink is achieved with blue curaçao, an orange liqueur that was created on the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean. We love garnishing these with blueberries in the summer (particularly to keep with the bright blue theme), but use whatever fruit you like.

Get the Frozen Blue Moscato Margaritas recipe.

frozen dark and stormy
Emily Hlavac Green
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Frozen Dark & Stormy

A blended dark n' stormy gives this spicy rum drink a refreshing take. The fresh ginger and ginger beer combo really makes it zing. It's the grown-up slushie we all need. Looking for more slushies? Try our strawberry frosé next!

Get the Frozen Dark & Stormy recipe.

frozen strawberry margarita
Andrew bui
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Frozen Strawberry Margarita

This fruit-forward margarita works best with frozen strawberries, so you can make it year-round! We love adding fresh basil for some sweet anise-y flavor, but other fresh herbs like mint or even cilantro can kick up the flavor of this sunny cocktail.

If you prefer your frozen drinks on the thicker side, continue adding ice cubes one at a time until you’ve reached your desired texture.

Get the Frozen Strawberry Margarita recipe.

spiked coconut limeade
Andrew Bui
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Spiked Coconut Limeade

To unlock the delicious concentrated flavor found in citrus skins, we made an oleo saccharum for this cocktail. Let us explain: Granulated sugar draws the flavorful essential oils out of citrus peels as they sit at room temperature. We love watching the sugar transform into a beautiful syrup, perfect for flavoring seltzer, cocktails, or desserts.

Get the Spiked Coconut Limeade recipe.

sangria slushies
Parker Feierbach
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Sangria Slushies

Hack alert: We love saving leftover red wine by freezing it in an ice cube tray, then blending it up into a slushie. More of a white wine or moscato sangria person? We got you.

Get the Sangria Slushies recipe.

moscato margaritas
Parker Feierbach
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Moscato Margaritas

Margaritas get instantly better when blended with moscato and strawberries. If you want even more moscato, then you gotta try our moscato sangria next.

Get the Moscato Margaritas recipe.

boozy s'mores milkshake
Parker feierbach
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Boozy S'mores Milkshake

Want a buzz but not the sting and taste of alcohol? We got you. Boozy milkshakes are about to be your new best friends, and it doesn't get much better than this Baileys and vanilla vodka-based dream of a dessert.

Want even more boozy milkshakes? Try our boozy shamrock shake or boozy chai milkshake.

Get the Boozy S'mores Milkshake recipe.

strawberry frose
Emily Hlavac Green
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Strawberry Frosé

You don't need to go to a bar to enjoy frosé. With a good blender, it's super easy to make it yourself. Our favorite addition? Strawberries. They add the perfect amount of sweetness and body to the summer cocktail.

Get the Strawberry Frosé recipe.

spiked seltzer slushies
Suzanne Clements
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Spiked Seltzer Slushies

If you thought a can of White Claw was perfect on its own, you haven't given it a whirl in your blender. This recipe can be easily customized based on whatever flavors and fruits you prefer. Our favorite combo: lemon-flavored spiked seltzer + frozen strawberries or mango + frozen pineapple.

Get the Spiked Seltzer Slushies recipe.

red wine milkshakes
Parker Feierbach
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Red Wine Milkshakes

How much red wine you choose to pour in the blender is entirely up to you—we usually just eyeball it. A fruit-forward red wine like Zinfandel is best for vanilla ice cream, but feel free to experiment with semi-sweet sparkling red wines too, like Lambrusco or Brachetto D'acqui.

Get the Red Wine Milkshakes recipe.

watermelon daiquiri
Ethan calabrese
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Watermelon Daiquiri

This stupid-easy recipe requires zero ice. Frozen watermelon cubes do the job on their own. Double down on the watermelon by swapping in watermelon rum!

Get the Watermelon Daiquiri recipe.

rum slushies
Chelsea lupkin
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Rum Slushies

We drink so much rum during the summer—how could you not? It plays super well with tropical flavors. These slushies get their icy texture from lemonade and orange juice concentrate.

Get the Rum Slushies recipe.

apple cider slushies
Parker feierbach
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Apple Cider Slushies

Apple cider slushies are the perfect thing to keep in your freezer for an icy anytime treat. Scraping it with a fork to create the slushy consistency is oddly satisfying and a technique we borrowed from granitas. The trick is to make sure you don't let the mixture freeze completely before scraping it. You want a thin layer frozen on top so that you can slowly turn it into shaved ice.

Get the Apple Cider Slushies recipe.

boozy sour watermelon slushies
Joe Spit
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Boozy Sour Watermelon Slushies

For when you just can't get enough of arguably the best Sour Patch Kids flavor. Feel free to infuse any of your favorite flavor of the candy in vodka, too. You really can't go wrong.

Get the Boozy Sour Watermelon Slushies recipe.

pineapple coladas
Ethan Calabrese
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Pineapple Coladas

Master the art of tiki mixology with these pineapple piña coladas served right inside the pineapple! We don’t usually love uni-tasking kitchen gadgets, but we love a pineapple corer to help us get the most out of cutting a pineapple. Whole pineapples cost way less than cored, and this tool will hollow one out in 45 seconds flat.

Get the Pineapple Coladas recipe.

spiked ombre lemonade
Jonathan Boulton
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Layered Lemonade Drops

Don't be fooled by its pretty layers; this blended cocktail packs a punch. With equal vodka-spiked frozen layers of strawberries, lemonade, and mango, you'll wish you made more of this ombre-inspired drink.

Get the Layered Lemonade Drops recipe.

boozy dole whip
Charlie Gillette
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Boozy Dole Whip

Disney's Dole Whip desserts have a cult following. (It's why we made dole whip cupcakes!). But these are about to be even bigger. If you're not into coconut rum, regular light or dark rum works too.

Get the Boozy Dole Whip recipe.

frozen watermelon mules
Brandon Bales
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Frozen Watermelon Mules

There's really nothing like a crisp and spicy, ginger-lime Moscow mule. What's even more refreshing? The copper mugs gives the chilled drink an extra-cool sensation.

Get the Frozen Watermelon Mules recipe.

frozen tequila sunrise margarita
Charlie Gillette
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Frozen Tequila Sunrise Margarita

For when you just can't choose between the two most iconic tequila drinks: a tequila sunrise and a margarita. Orange juice and grenadine not only make this juicy, sweet drink so delicious, but they're also are the key to the beautiful sunset-esque hue.

Get the Frozen Tequila Sunrise Margarita recipe.

vodka pink lemonade slushies
Chelsea Lupkin
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Vodka Pink Lemonade Slushies

Sweet, sour, and crazy adorable, these vodka pink lemonade slushies are perfect as shooters in a hulled out lemon half, or right in your favorite cocktail glass.

Get the Vodka Pink Lemonade Slushies recipe.

triple layered pina coladas
Natalie Migliarini
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Triple-Layer Piña Coladas

Each fruity layer transports you to a different tropical, coconut-y oasis in this piña colada. We use layers of pineapple, peach, and strawberry, but feel free to experiment with any and all of your favorite fruits.

Get the Triple-Layer Piña Coladas recipe.

mermaid coladas
Chelsea Lupkin
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Mermaid Coladas

A (generous) splash of blue Curaçao turns piña coladas a gorgeous hue of blue. We think the mix of coconut milk and white rum would be Ariel-approved, but feel free to take it up a notch with coconut rum.

Get the Mermaid Coladas recipe.

margarita sno cone
Jon Boulton
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Margarita Snow Cones

Snow cones just got a very adult upgrade, thanks to our favorite margarita mix-ins: Tequila, lime, and plenty of salt. You might just turn all your favorite drinks into shaved ice masterpieces!

Get the Margarita Snow Cones recipe.

mimosa floats
Chelsea Lupkin
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Mimosa Floats

Bubbly champagne and light, fruity sherbet is a match made in heaven. A white chocolate, sprinkle-covered rim will make you feel all kinds of deluxe. Feel free to use your favorite Champagne or Prosecco for this festive dessert.

Get the Mimosa Floats recipe.

frozen prosecco
Chelsea lupkin
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Frozen Prosecco

This is basically a Prosecco version of a granita. Though it takes some planning ahead, it requires zero effort once you have your frozen base ready. Trust, you're going to want some in the freezer at all times this summer.

Get the Frozen Prosecco recipe.

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