The internet has hacks for everything and some of them become more popular than others. Creamy coffee (AKA Dalgona coffee) was one of the food world's best kept secrets...until people starting making it all over TikTok. Now, that same technique is being used for creamy strawberry milk and chocolate milk.

ICYMI, Dalgona coffee only requires three ingredients and the milk of your choice. After some serious mixing, the finished product is essentially a fluffy cloud of coffee goodness that will mix into your milk and give you a delicious iced coffee in the end. Easy enough, but people have found even more ways to make this trend their own by using less dishes, making it with matcha powder, different add-ons, and more.

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People have figured out how to use the same process to make non-caffeinated drinks, like different flavored milks, for example. For the coffee, you just use instant coffee, sugar, and water to make the creamy part, then serve it on ice and milk. For the milks, it's essentially the same process, just with milk powders like Nesquik or Hershey's chocolate to get the flavors.

While the trick to make the coffee is to have equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and water to help control the flavor and make sure it's not too bitter, there is a little bit more leeway with the milk recipes. Since strawberry powder is already sweet as is, it is mixed with heavy cream to get the desired texture. The chocolate powder can be mixed with sugar too if you want, but it looks like this recipe can truly be adjusted according to your preference. After all, practice makes perfect.

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