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Hi! We're Team Delish. Kick back, stay a while, won't you? When you visit our corner of the internet, we want you to feel comfortable. Like did we just become best friends?! kind of comfortable. We're not here to shame you into making beef bourguignon when all you really want is Fireball meatballs. And if you do attempt that fancy-shmancy dish and fail spectacularly, we're not going to tsk-tsk you—because we've had plenty of OH, S#!T moments, too. (Wanna see 'em?)

That's not to say we're not serious about food. If you've come here to finally tackle an exasperatingly intense sourdough recipe, we can help explain the technique, step by step. We celebrate anyone who really loves to eat as much as those who actually get in the kitchen to cook. So wherever you fall on that spectrum, you'll find your people here.

That's why we want you to get to know us, too—the team behind Delish. Scroll through to meet the people who work hard to bring you the stories and videos you see every month. We want you to love reading on and cooking from Delish as much as we love creating this space for you, so holler if you've got something you want us to know. We're all ears. (Did you know you can rate and comment on all our recipes, too?)

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We hand-pick every product that appears on Delish with you in mind—and they're all tested, researched, or editor-approved. Our goal? To make it easy for you to find the best whatever you need (whether that's a high-powered blender or a healthy meal delivery service) and introduce you to the gotta-have-it products we're obsessing over.

Our New York City-based team of editors and recipe developers analyzes the quality, durability, aesthetics, and taste (when applicable!) of every product we recommend. And when we don't have the answers, we turn to those who do: professional chefs, nutritionists, organizational experts, you name it.

For Delish Unlimited and quarterly questions and customer service, you can email or visit For general brand inquiries, you can email us at


We work with a select number of affiliate marketing programs. When you click on a link on our site that takes you to another retailer, we may earn a small commission. But know: We are driven by our editorial standards and what we know you love, not by relationships with companies or advertisers.


Listen: We know how to have a good time here—and we want you to have one, too. That's why all of our recipes go through a stringent testing period, to make them as infallible as possible: They're tested, re-tested, and tested again until they're perfect and ready for you to make. The same goes for everything we put in our cookbooks.

A couple other things you should know: Every story we write is edited for clarity and fairness. And we'd never recommend that you buy, try, watch, or make something we wouldn't ourselves.


To pitch stories and/or contact the editors, email

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To apply for jobs at Delish, or other Hearst brands, apply here.

Delish does not accept guest posts.


Can't get enough of the site? Good news: We're, like, kind of everywhere.


You can find our bestselling cookbooks—Delish: Eat Like Every Day's the Weekend, Delish Insane Sweets, Delish Ultimate Cocktails, and The Delish Kids (Super-Awesome, Crazy-Fun, Best-Ever) Cookbook —everywhere books are sold. We also publish a quarterly magazine (available on newsstands and through our membership program and bookazines, which are available in grocery stores nationwide.


In addition to viral recipe videos and insanely delicious-looking food pics, you'll get access to exclusive cooking shows on our Instagram.



You'll find all our news and features stories here, along with all of our recipe videos. Plus, stick around for exclusive cooking demonstrations and Facebook Live shows.



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arm, finger, sleeve, human body, shoulder, hand, collar, elbow, chest, blond,
Joanna Saltz
executive editor
Lindsay Funston
Philip Friedman//Hearst Owned
director of content operations
Lindsey Ramsey
Philip Friedman//Hearst Owned
rachel tepper paley
Rachel Tepper Paley
Courtesy of Rachel Tepper Paley
felicia lalomia
Felicia LaLomia
Allie Holloway
allison arnold
Allison Arnold
Philip Freidman
megan belair
Megan Belair

Editorial Business Manager

Philip Freidman
gabby romero
Gabby Romero
Philip Freidman

Whatever you're hungry for—you-heard-it-here-first Frappuccino launches, celebrity chef updates, a round-up of wine subscription services—we dish it out. We're committed to bringing you the news you crave before anyone else does. Want to sit with us a bit longer? We spend time tackling bigger stories, too, (like why you bake when you're stressed) and important issues ( it OK to go to Chick-fil-A?).

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rob seixas
Robert Seixas
Allie Holloway
jill baughman
Jill Baughman

Deputy Recipe Editor

Jill Baughman
makinze gore
Makinze Gore
Philip Friedman//Hearst Owned
brooke caison
Brooke Caison
Philip Freidman
justin sullivan
Justin Sullivan
Allie Holloway
camille lowder
Camille Lowder
Philip Freidman
taylor ann spencer
Taylor Ann Spencer
Philip Freidman
francesca zani
Francesca Zani
Francesca Zani

We're the small but mighty crew responsible for every single recipe that hits the site, plus all of the ones in our cookbooks and special edition magazines. Regularly, we work out of two very cramped kitchens (#welcometonewyork) to develop, test, style, and shoot more than 200 recipes every month. (Right now, we've turned our home kitchens into individual recipe testing stations!) Our backgrounds are serious—culinary schools, restaurant kitchens—but we're not above boxed cake mixes and fast food-inspired dinners. One last thing you should know? Our love language is cream cheese: We go through about 600 blocks every year.

For nutritional expertise, we worked with the editors of Women's Health and Prevention, as well as registered dietitian Lara Clevenger, MSH, RDN, CPT.

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jessica musumeci
Jessica Musumeci

Creative Director

Philip Friedman//Hearst Owned
allison chin   photo producer
Allison Chin

Deputy Visual Editor

carlos dominguez
Carlos Dominguez

Art Director

Courtesy of Carlos Dominguez
sarah ceniceros
Sarah Ceniceros

Senior Designer

Philip Freidman

This design team is the reason everything Delish puts into the ether looks so damn good—the photos, our cookbooks, the design of the site itself. Every illustration or photo collage you see on and in our cookbooks is designed or hand-drawn and animated by us.

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zoe becker
Zoe Becker

Senior Social Media Editor

Courtesy of Zoe Becker
izabela campos
Izabela Campos

Assistant Social Media Editor

Philip Freidman

Ever sent us a DM on Instagram or left a comment on Facebook? Hi, that was us who answered you! We're the dynamic duo posting viral recipe videos, witty captions, live cooking shows, fun stories and so much more across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. No, we don't know if TikTok is going to be shut down, but yes, you should go give us a follow :)

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Julia Smith
Allie Holloway
chelsea lupkin
Chelsea Lupkin
Philip Friedman//Hearst Owned
Philip Swift

Senior Post-Production Supervisor

Allie Holloway
Vineet Sawant

Director of Motion Graphics

Allie Holloway
Alex Musto

Senior Video Editor

Allie Holloway
Zach Lennon-Simon

Senior Video Editor

Allie Holloway
ellie black
Ellie Black

Video Editor

Philip Freidman
marc stauble
Marc Stauble

Video Producer

Marc Stauble

We create more than 3,000 videos a year—more than any other brand at Hearst. That means we're the ones to blame when you come to after a nine-episode binge of Iconic Eats on YouTube. And you know those little animations you fall in love with in our videos? We create those, too.

Delish is the expert in creating fun food stories and enticing food lovers everywhere to join the party—and this is the dream team behind those sponsorships and extensions. (View Delish's media kit here.) Tap into our expertise and extend your brand message to connect with our highly engaged community throughout multiple touchpoints:

  • Editorial and co-branded content solutions
  • Social
  • Programmatic
  • Audience targeting
  • Shopper solutions
  • Targeted sampling
  • Newsstand exclusive bookazines
  • Custom research
  • Experiential
  • Cross-brand partnerships across the Hearst ecosystem including Cosmo, Esquire, Food Network Magazine, House Beautiful, Women’s Health and more.
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jackie iadonisi
Jackie Iadonisi
mary rupp
Mary Rupp

Contributing Test Kitchen Assistant

Philip Freidman