26 Tequila Cocktails To Make For Cinco De Mayo

Sorry, a lime wedge and salt on your hand doesn't count as a cocktail.

pink señoritas
Parker Feierbach

Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate, and if your go-to liquor is tequila, you're in luck. We've got plenty of margaritas, mimosas, and more made with you in mind.

is far from being just the shot-glass favorite to chase with salt and lime. Derving from the agave plant, tequila comes in five distinct forms with very different flavor profiles: tequila blanco, tequila añejo, tequila reposado, tequila joven, and extra añejo.

Blanco (also known as "silver") is un-aged and the perfect addition to your next margarita, but be sure to try a tequila reposado, which is aged for two months in oak barrels, for a spicier spin. If you love sipping tequila neat or want an easy swap for whiskey, look no further than tequila añejo, which is aged at least a year in oak barrels. Whatever tequila you choose, you can always count on a rich amber color to note quality, but do steer clear of "gold" labeled tequilas, as they often have unnecessary additives and flavorings.

And don't get us started on our smoky favorite: mezcal. Fun fact: While both tequila and mezcal come from the agave plant, tequila is made exclusively from blue agave, while mezcal comes from any variety of agave plant and is cooked in pits to develop that signature smokey flavor. Feel free to swap your favorite mezcal into any of these cocktail recipes!

Think we're stopping at just tequila? Not so fast. We've got fun spins on tequila-based drinks with the addition of some other boozy supporting characters (like champagne cocktails). Bet you can't say "Mimosa Margarita" five times fast. We even have some drink recipes with more surprising ingredients (ummm, cabbage?), which I think means these cocktails technically count as a salad.

And if you need some food to go with those cocktails, try our best Cinco de Mayo party recipes!

Ethan Calabrese
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Classic Margarita

Perfect balance of sweet and sour. We love experimenting with fun flavored salts to shake things up!

Get the Classic Margarita recipe.

tequila sunrise
Park Feierbach
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Tequila Sunrise

Swap in blood orange juice in this classic favorite.

Get the Tequila Sunrise recipe.

paloma cocktail
Amanda Gryphon
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Classic Paloma

Like a margarita, but with a grapefruit-y fizz!

Get the Classic Paloma recipe.

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Chelsea Lupkin
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Dole Whip Margarita

Dole Whip, the Disney classic treat, grows up in this tequila staple. We also love the lime version!

Get the Dole Whip Margarita recipe.

slushy margarita shots vertical
Ethan Calabrese
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Slushy Margarita Shots

Why do a plain old tequila shot when you can shoot a margarita?

Get the Slushy Margarita Shots recipe.

pink señoritas   delishcom
Parker Feierbach
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Pink Señoritas

The Señorita ditches limes for pink lemonade and lemon juice. Meet margarita's sassy sister.

Get the Pink Señorita recipe.

tequila sunrise mimosa vertical
John Komar
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Tequila Sunrise Mimosa

Sunrise and shine with this mash-up that's sure to be your new favorite with all kinds of brunch recipes.

Get the Tequila Sunrise Mimosa recipe.

cadillac margarita
Joel Goldberg
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Cadillac Margarita

Consider this a margarita with its pinky up, thanks to the addition of high-quality tequila. Very fancy.

Get the Cadillac Margarita recipe.

margarita watermelon
Emily Hlavac Green
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Margarita Watermelon

Technically this isn't a drinkable cocktail but we soaked these watermelon slices with all the ingredients of a margarita in this perfect BBQ drink and snack.

Get the Margarita Watermelon recipe.

color changing margaritas
Park Feierbach
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Color Changing Margarita

We bet you can't guess the secret ingredient!

Get the Color Changing Margarita recipe.

creamsicle margaritas
Brandon Bales
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Creamsicle Margarita

These taste just like like a creamsicle...but with a cheeky twist. 😉

Get the Creamsicle Margarita recipe.

watermelon margarita
Brad Holland
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Frozen Watermelon Margarita

Newsflash: This might be the most refreshing margarita you'll ever drink. Frozen watermelon cubes make this delightfully slushy.

Get the Frozen Watermelon Margarita recipe.

champagne margarita vertical
Ethan Calabrese
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Champagne Margarita

This margarita gets a festive boost with the addition of your favorite bubbly.

Get the Champagne Margarita recipe.

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Black Magic Margarita

Bring a little bit of spook to your favorite tequila cocktail with food coloring and some black sanding sugar.

Get the Black Magic Margarita recipe.

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Brad Holland
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Fireball Margarita

Spice up your marg game with a jolt of cinnamon-flavored whisky.

Get the Fireball Margarita recipe.

frozen cranberry margaritas
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Frozen Cranberry Margarita

Just the drink for for when you're craving something tarter than lime juice (or trying to avoid small talk with relatives on Thanksgiving).

Get the Frozen Cranberry Margarita recipe.

mimosa margaritas
John Komar
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Mimosa Margarita

Why should you have to choose between the two? Now you don't have to.

Get the Mimosa Margarita recipe.

blue crush margaritas verticle
John Komar
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Blue Crush Margarita

Blue Curacao is the secret to this bittersweet, blue beauty of a cocktail.

Get the Blue Crush Margarita recipe.

bulldog margaritas beauty
Ethan Calabrese
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Bulldog Margarita

Corona and margaritas were destined to be friends in this gravity-defying summertime drink.

Get the Bulldog Margarita recipe.

Chelsea Lupkin
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Frozen Pineapple Margarita

Double-down on this tropical drink by serving it in a mini pineapple!

Get the Frozen Pineapple Margarita recipe.

paloma mimosa
Brad Holland
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Paloma Mimosa

Want to add a little kick to your mimosas? Add 1/4 teaspoon chili powder to your sugar & salt mixture to give your rim some heat.

Get the Paloma Mimosa recipe.

Sour Apple Margaritas Vertical
Vineet Sawant
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Sour Apple Margarita

Our new favorite party drink for the sour-obsessed. Pucker up!

Get the Sour Apple Margarita recipe.

tequila sunset delish
Natalie Migliarini
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Tequila Sunset

Perfect for chasing a Tequila Sunrise!

Get the Tequila Sunset recipe.

grapefruit margaritas
Jonathan Boulton
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Grapefruit Margarita

Like a Paloma, but better! We love to add a Tajin-spiced rim for some heat.

Get the Grapefruit Margarita recipe.

tequila sunrise pops
Brandon Bales
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Tequila Sunrise Pops

You'll want to eat these boozy pops 'til the sun rises. No straw required.

Get the Tequila Sunrise Pops.

frozen tequila sunrise margarita
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Frozen Tequila Sunrise Margarita

For when you just can't choose between the two most iconic tequila drinks.

Get the Frozen Tequila Sunrise Margarita recipe.

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