34 Margarita Recipes To Get Your Tequila Fix All Year Long

Search for that lost shaker of salt, because you're gonna be in Margaritaville all year long with these recipes.

cadillac margarita
Joel Goldberg

In the mood for a super-satisfying, refreshing bev? Personally, we can’t imagine a better way to cool off than with an icy, cold, delicious margarita. One of our favorite summer cocktails, this classic drink can take on endless flavors and variations year round. Whether you can’t get enough of frozen drinks or prefer a fruity cocktail on the rocks, we’ve gathered our best margarita recipes that you’ll be sippin’ on all year long.

What makes these margarita recipes the best, you may ask? No matter the occasion, time of year (mistletoe margarita, anyone?), or your booze of choice, there’s a marg here for you. While we love a classic margarita (starring lime, tequila, and triple sec), we’re also obsessed with fun, creative versions of the cocktail. Our icy margarita pops and boozy margarita watermelon are the perfect happy hour treat on hot summer days, while margarita Jell-O shots are a dangerously delicious party staple.

One of our favorite things about margs? They’re quick and easy to whip up for a crowd, and are super simple to double (or triple) to serve bashes large and small. Some of these recipes can even be prepared ahead of time, making them a party-ready cocktail in minutes. Don’t be afraid to get creative! We can’t get enough of a classic salty rim, but using ingredients like coconut, like in our cottontail margaritas, or tajín, like in our peach margaritas, adds a kick of fun flavor and texture to your usual margarita.

No blender? No prob. While we love a frozen, blended drink, we’ve got plenty of seriously delicious on-the-rocks recipes, from a blueberry lemonade margarita to festive (and customizable) Jarritos margaritas. Can’t get enough of the signature booze? Check out our best tequila cocktails for even more drink inspo too.

moscato margarita
Parker Feierbach
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Classic Margaritas

The margarita, now one of the most popular cocktails in the world, is thought to have started out as the variation on another prohibition-era drink called the "Daisy." Spanish for "daisy," the marg swapped in tequila for the requisite brandy and lime juice for lemon juice, and a classic was born.

Get the Classic Margaritas recipe.

frozen blue moscato margaritas
Erik bernstein
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Frozen Blue Moscato Margaritas

Wine lovers will absolutely love these margarita slushies because of the tasty addition of sweet moscato. Simply combine all ingredients and blend 'em up! You can make this as frozen or as loose as you want, based on how much ice you use. We love garnishing these with blueberries in the summer (particularly to keep with the bright blue theme), but use whatever fruit you like.

Get the Frozen Blue Moscato Margaritas recipe.

mimosa margaritas
Parker Feierbach
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Mimosa Margaritas

A classic bubbly mimosa + a sweet tart margarita—there might not be a more perfect brunch cocktail.

Get the Mimosa Margarita recipe.

peach margaritas delish
Joel Goldberg
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Peach Margarita

There are a bunch of ways to infuse a drink with fruit like steeping some actual fruit in the alcohol itself or making a syrup out of berries or fruit juice. In this case we have packed peachy goodness into this margarita with two ingredients: peach schnapps and peach puree.

Get the Peach Margarita recipe.

glass of cadillac margarita rimmed with salt
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Cadillac Margarita

A Cadillac margarita is basically a higher-end margarita made with a high-quality tequila (typically a reposado) and Grand Marnier. Reposado tequila will have notes of oak and vanilla, making this margarita really stand out.

Get the Cadillac Margarita recipe.

frozen strawberry margaritas
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Frozen Strawberry Margaritas

This fruit-forward margarita works best with frozen strawberries, so you can make it year-round! We love adding fresh basil for some sweet anise-y flavor, but other fresh herbs like mint or even cilantro can kick up the flavor of this sunny cocktail too.

Get the Frozen Strawberry Margaritas recipe.

color changing margarita
Park Feierbach
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Color-Changing Margarita

It's true: Red cabbage can turn your cocktail into a florescent fuchsia spectacle. 😱

Get the Color-Changing Margarita recipe.

mezcal margarita with chili salt rim
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Mezcal Margarita

With an earthy, slightly smoky flavor, mezcal brings a uniquely savory quality to the typically tequila-based margarita. To spice things up, we add a colorful salt rim spiked with grapefruit zest and red pepper flakes. Tweak the mixture to your preference with different citrus (orange would also be delicious!) or other spices.

Get the Mezcal Margarita recipe.

blueberry lemonade margaritas
Emily hlavac green
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Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas

Turn your margarita into summer goals with this blueberry lemonade version. Have some leftover blueberry simple syrup? It tastes AMAZING in seltzer water, and is a great sweetener for iced tea. You can even stir it into yogurt or ice cream for a punch of blueberry flavor.

Get the Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas recipe.

spicy jalapeño margarita
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Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas

Infusing alcohol is one of our favorite ways to get creative with cocktails, and it works especially well with jalapeños. A long steep in tequila allows the fresh verdant flavor of the pepper to come through, along with that signature spice. To balance the heat, we recommend the addition of sliced cucumber to cool things down (but don't worry, they're still plenty hot!).

Get the Spicy Jalapeño Margaritas recipe.

black magic margaritas
Emily Hlavac Green
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Black Magic Margaritas

Looking for a creepy Halloween cocktail? Our classic margarita get an eerie upgrade for the spooky holiday! Your guests won't know what hit them.

Get the Black Magic Margaritas recipe.

pineapple margarita
Andrew bui
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Pineapple Margarita

When we’re feeling the beach vibes, we reach for a pineapple margarita. Fresh and fruity with the perfect kick of tequila, this margarita will take you straight to the shore, frosty glass in hand, in less time than it takes to squeeze those limes.

Get the Pineapple Margarita recipe.

frozen sangria margarita
Ethan Calabrese
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Frozen Sangria Margarita

This drink alternates frozen layers of two of our favorite drinks—red wine sangria and tequila margaritas—for the the perfect boozy summer sipper.

Get the Frozen Sangria Margarita recipe.

jarritos margaritas
Natalie Migliarini
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Jarritos Margaritas

How do you make a classic Mexican Jarritos soda even better? Add tequila! The light effervescence, bright colors, and lush fruity flavors like pineapple, tamarind, and guava are perfect for cocktails, especially margaritas.

Get the Jarritos Margaritas recipe.

frozen margaritas
Chelsea Lupkin
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Frozen Margaritas

There are literal machines that have been created just to create and dispense frozen margaritas, but we're here to tell you how easy it is to do it at home in a standard blender. All you need is 5 ingredients and ice. The ratio is easy to remember too! 1 part simple syrup - 2 parts triple sec - 4 parts tequila - 4 parts lime juice. 🙌

Get the Frozen Margaritas recipe.

blue crush margaritas horizontal
John Komar
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Blue Crush Margaritas

These blue crush margaritas are perfect for drinking by the seaside. You might just want to crush a few of them, so make extra!

Get the Blue Crush Margaritas recipe.

margarita pops
Erik Bernstein
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Margarita Pops

If you're a frozen margarita fan, these are the pops for you! Using small dixie cups makes these popsicles a dream to unmold. Simply cut a small slit and peel the rest off.

Get the Margarita Pops recipe.

strawberry lemonade margaritas
Charlie Gillette
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Lemonade Margaritas

If you want to use classic lemonade instead of pink lemonade for these, that's totally cool. Your margaritas will still take on a beautiful pink hue from the strawberries.

Get the Lemonade Margaritas recipe.

bloody mary margaritas
Charlie Gillette
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Bloody Mary Margarita

Tequila fans, this one's for you. These spicy margaritas are perfect for brunch. Especially one involving breakfast tacos...maybe with bacon-weave shells?!

Get the Bloody Mary Margarita recipe.

frozen tequila sunrise margarita
Charlie Gillette
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Frozen Tequila Sunrise Margarita

Can't decide between a tequila sunrise and a margarita? Compromise with this frozen cocktail that's got the best of both.

Get the Frozen Tequila Sunrise Margarita recipe.

margarita punch vertical
Chelsea Lupkin
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Margarita Punch

This margarita recipe would be perfect for a brunch gathering. We love it because it's not too boozy, thanks to a combination of seltzer, Prosecco, and a strawberry margarita base.

Get the Margarita Punch recipe.

margarita jell o shots
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Margarita Jell-O Shots

You've been warned: These could be dangerous. These margarita Jell-O shots give our classic margarita a run for its money.

Get the Margarita Jell-O Shots recipe.

creamsicle margaritas
Brandon Bales
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Creamsicle Margaritas

These margaritas SCREAM summer. They're a great way to drink leftover orange juice all afternoon long too, particularly if mimosas feel too "brunch-y."

Get the Creamsicle Margaritas recipe.

margarita watermelon
Emily Hlavac Green
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Margarita Watermelon

OK, OK, technically this isn't a sippable cocktail—it's even better: We soak watermelon slices with all the ingredients of a margarita (tequila, lime juice, triple sec) for the perfect BBQ drink and snack. Save the leftover liquid from soaking for frozen watermelon margaritas.

Get the Margarita Watermelon recipe.

moscato margaritas
Parker Feierbach
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Moscato Margaritas

Margaritas get instantly better with moscato and strawberries. Blended to perfection, these are the best boozy summer treat. If you want even more moscato, then you need to try these fruity takes on moscato margaritas (with mini moscato floaters!) too.

Get the Moscato Margaritas recipe.

Sour Apple Margaritas Vertical
Vineet Sawant
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Sour Apple Margaritas

Adding sour apple liqueur and lemon-lime soda to your average margarita turns it into something special—make these for fall when you can't give up summer-y margaritas, but have a bounty of fresh fall apples!

Get the Sour Apple Margaritas recipe.

mistletoe margaritas
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Mistletoe Margaritas

Tart cranberries go perfectly with tequila and triple sec in these seasonal margs. If you prefer your margaritas on the rocks, feel free to skip the blender step (they'll be just as delicious). Not much of a cranberry fan, but still craving a margarita for the holidays? Try out our white Christmas margaritas instead.

Get the Mistletoe Margaritas recipe.

frozen watermelon margarita
Parker Feierbach
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Frozen Watermelon Margarita

This recipe requires a little forethought. Chop up some fresh watermelon and throw it in the freezer the night before you make the margs—this ensures the drinks are perfectly slushy and ICE cold. (If you forgot, don't fret! Two hours in the freezer should do the trick.)

Get the Frozen Watermelon Margarita recipe.

drink, food, liqueur, cream, cuisine, dessert, distilled beverage,
Charlie Gillette
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Cottontail Margaritas

You're just one hippity hop away from a tropical daydream. Marshmallow fluff and coconut make for the cutest rim, but feel free to skip it (or use food coloring to turn it fun pastels!).

Get the Cottontail Margaritas recipe.

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Apple Cider Margaritas

Super excited for fall and all the fun fall activities that come with it—pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving, apple picking..? These cocktails are for you! They're the best of summery margaritas, plus spicy, seasonal apple cider.

Get the Apple Cider Margaritas recipe.

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