As we continue to try to use fewer plastics, we've seen an increase in clever plastic-free options for straws. We've gone from bamboo straws to ice straws to candy straws. There's even a clever company that makes straws out of pasta. But never in all our days could we have imagined that a hot dog would be used as a straw.

Well, the unthinkable happened earlier this week, and if it wasn't caught on tape, we probably wouldn't have believed it. A video uploaded by @newyorknico, which was shared by Foodbeast, shows a man in a plaid Yankees cap using a hot dog as a straw for his obligatory game day beer.

"Wtf is going on at baseball games this year?" @newyorknico wrote in the caption to the bizarre video.

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Seemingly without a care in the world, the man can be seen using a regular straw to pierce both ends of the hot dog. He then places the hot dog straw in a large cup of beer and proceeds to take a sip. To make this matter a bit easier to digest, both literally and figuratively, the hot dog is in fact bun-less. No soggy straws here.

The comments to @newyorknico's video have been a bit of a mixed bag. One Instagram user referred to the man in the clip as a "legend." Another person commended the man, writing "this guy is saving the turtles."

Lastly, to put a name to the "legend," one commenter shared that the straw enthusiast is none other than fashion editorial director Jian DeLeon.

Has DeLeon created the next food hack or is it a hard pass for you?

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