For decades, Laffy Taffy has given candy lovers a chuckle via the jokes on their wrappers. And now, the brand is ready to freshen up its routine—with your help.

Earlier this month, Laffy Taffy announced their "Your Jokes, Our (W)rapper” contest. They're calling on the public to submit their best jokes for publication on a Laffy Taffy wrapper. The contest will be judged by rapper/producer T-Pain, who certainly knows his way around a pun or two.

As part of the "Your Jokes, Our (W)rapper” contest, 101 fans will have their jokes printed on the wrappers of Laffy Taffy candies, which will be available to purchase at retailers nationwide.

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One particularly funny fan will be awarded the title of “best laff." Hand-selected by T-Pain, the best laff winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000, a custom bag of mini Laffy Taffy candies with their jokes, and a wrapper autographed by T-Pain.

“Those who know me best understand comedic humor is a passion of mine and I really enjoy telling jokes and having a good, old-fashioned laff,” said T-Pain in a statement. “I’ve always loved the taste of Laffy Taffy and enjoyed reading the hilarious dad jokes on their wrappers, so I’m excited that joke-tellers nationwide will have the opportunity to have their own printed on the packaging and that I’ll get to decide who has the funniest pun—we’re going to have a lot of fun reading submissions and eating Laffy Taffy, I can’t wait."

Fans can visit from now until September 16 to submit their jokes online. Jokes will be judged on humor, originality, creativity, and relevance to brand values. And be sure to put your best joke forward because you can only submit one.

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