There's certainly no shortage of kooky museums in New York City. There's the Museum of Ice Cream, the former Museum of Pizza, and how could we forget about the Museum of the American Gangster? And this fall, New Yorkers will be treated to yet another one: a weed museum. According to Time Out, a new museum all about cannabis will open this fall in a 30,000-square-foot space in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood.

The House of Cannabis, or THCNYC, is the creation of former Las Vegas club owner Robert Frey. Visitors who are curious about the history of weed can look forward to LED light shows, potential 4D displays, and other high-tech design elements. Time Out reports that the museum will also have an event space for cannabis-centered discussions, programs, and more.

Although THCNYC will have plenty to offer on the educational side, one thing attendees won't be able to do is purchase weed. Frey would rather help local dispensaries than become a competitor in the space. "If you touch the plant, that limits what you're doing," Frey told The Real Deal. "We don't want to be in competition. We want to really help all the dispensaries, whether they want to use us to launch brands or however they see that we can help their programs."

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The announcement of THCNYC, which will open this fall, comes well over a year after the use of recreational marijuana was legalized in New York State.

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