The internet is full of quirky kitchen gadgets and accessories to help you make breakfast. There's the butter mill that perfectly spreads butter onto a piece of toast; the microwave bacon rack makes crispy strips without the splatter; and plenty of egg tools for the perfect poach, fry, or hard boil.

Now, there's an accessory that truly celebrates the most important meal of the day: the Egg Chandelier centerpiece from Gohar World. Available for $298, this wrought-iron candelabra can hold up to 11 eggs on your dining table. If you want to up the ante, you can dress them in lace and satin with their $28 Egg Dress.

Launched by artist sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar, the tableware brand injects surrealism and humor into otherwise ordinary objects. The Gohar sisters premiered their line of 40 housewares last month, and the egg chandelier isn't the only unusual product available. Others include a salami candle, a satin baguette tote bag, and a chicken foot pearl necklace.

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The products may look funny, but Gohar World takes the production process very seriously. They source their materials from artisans all over the world and use traditional methods to make their textiles, glassware, and candles. Some of their products are even handmade by members of their family.

"My grandmother Nabila in Egypt wasn’t satisfied with how the bows were originally produced," Laila says about the baguette bag. "So, without telling us, she took matters into her own hands, literally, and hand stitched all the bows herself."

The egg chandelier is also a family affair: the design was directly influenced by the fence at Laila and Nadia's childhood home in Cairo. Will it become this year's "it" centerpiece? Only time will tell.

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