Can we all just agree that, as a kid, the best part of taking a trip to Chuck E. Cheese was diving into the ball pit until you were completely exhausted? Adulting is pretty stressful, and if the part of childhood you miss most is being waist deep in a pit of plastic balls, then you should be extremely happy to know about the existence of Ballie Ballerson, a London cocktail bar with two huge ball pits that are just waiting for you to dive in.

The bar sounds like every overgrown kid's dream playground. Located at 97-113 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, Ballie Ballerson is basically a tricked-out Chuck E. Cheese with a liquor license. Clientele are invited to consume all the cocktails and other alcoholic beverages they desire while swimming in a pool of one million balls. Meanwhile, the food menu is stacked with all sorts of adult twists on childhood favorites that range from normal (like pizza) to outrageous (think alcohol-infused Skittles and bubblegum-flavored tequila).

Cocktails are an integral part of the spectacle, too. Bartenders pour drinks with a distinctly competitive flair—expect a lot of bottle flipping, bubble popping, and blow torches—and the location also offers a bottomless brunch every Saturday and Sunday, where customers are treated to unlimited prosecco and custom pizzas like the Spiced Girl, which comes topped with tomato, mozzarella, nduja and onion. Basically, it's a ballin' good time!

Tickets to Ballie Ballerson range from £5.50 ($6.78) to £17.50 ($21.57). For more information, you can check out the bar's official website here.

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