26 Fruit Cocktail Recipes For Drinks That Go Down Way Too Easy

Any hour can be a happy hour when you really think about it.

layered ombre lemonade drops
Rachel vanni

Any hour can be a happy hour when you really think about it. And it doesn't get any happier than all of these fruity cocktail drinks. Whether you want something sweet-tart, like a layered ombre lemonade drop, or something to spice up your routine, like a salt and spiced watermelon margarita, we guarantee all of these cocktails will go down maybe too easily.

The fruitiest cocktail of them all? Sangria, naturally. We love how it takes a hum drum bottle of wine and, with just a few additions, becomes a true party starter. Our classic red sangria is perfect for customizing, and we also love how festive our rainbow sangria makes for a signature cocktail.

Fruity cocktails are ideal for when you don't want to taste the burn of alcohol, but still want a solid buzz. Our favorite fruity, can-barely-taste-the-alcohol classics are usually frosty daiquiris. Try our frozen strawberry daiquiris, lemon blueberry daiquiris, or piña colada, and you'll be feeling drunk in love in no time.

Want to mix up your margarita routine? There's so many amazing margaritas that go way beyond lime as their star ingredient. Whether you go with our peach margarita, pineapple margarita, blueberry lemonade margarita, or frozen watermelon margarita, you'll never go back to just a regular margarita.

Need more cocktail inspiration? Check out all of our best frozen cocktails, watermelon cocktails, fall cocktails, and beach drinks to sneak into your cooler. And if you need to restock your bar cart, we've rounded up all the best rum brands, best vodka brands, and best tequila brands to buy.

layered ombre lemonade drops
Rachel vanni
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Layered Ombre Lemonade Drops

Looking for an easy, show-stopping cocktail this summer? Look no further than these layered ombre lemonade drops. They take the idea behind classic faves like frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris to the next level with colorful, bright layers. They’re quick, simple, and best of all, only need 5 ingredients (plus fresh fruit garnishes, if you like) 😍.

Get the Layered Ombre Lemonade Drops recipe.

blueberry gin and tonic
Andrew bui
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Blueberry Gin & Tonic

The addition of a blueberry syrup turns a classic gin and tonic into a perfect summer drink, making it fruity, a little sweeter, and a beautiful shade of purple. It’s a fun party drink that mixes up quick with very little effort. The syrup will make more than you need for one drink, but you can save it for future cocktails or serve it over pancakes or ice cream!

Get the Blueberry Gin & Tonic recipe.

orange crush
Andrew bui
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Orange Crush

Developed in Ocean City at the Harborside Bar & Grill, it’s no wonder this refreshing cocktail has found popularity outside of Maryland’s borders. Intensely juicy and citrus-forward, the drink was originally made with orange-flavored vodka, although regular vodka works just as well.

Get the Orange Crush recipe.

salted and spiced watermelon margaritas
Andrew bui
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Salted and Spiced Watermelon Margaritas

Say hello to your new favorite summer cocktail: this refreshing, salted and spiced watermelon margarita. This clever recipe combines everything magical about margaritas, with a kick of heat from the fresh jalapeños and refreshing sweetness from the watermelon juice.

Get the Salted and Spiced Watermelon Margaritas recipe.

Parker feierbach
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Apple schnapps brings sweet-tart green apple flavor, while a splash of calvados (apple brandy) gives it a fiery kick. Easy to shake up, you can use either gin or vodka for this too! Warning: These babies are STRONG, so don't plan on going anywhere after consuming. 😂

Get the Appletini recipe.

cranberry orange whiskey sour
Erik bernstein
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Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour

We crave cranberry cocktails all season long, and this is our go-to cocktail this holiday season. It's warm and spicy from the whiskey and ginger beer, but refreshing and tart from the cranberry and citrus.

Get the Cranberry Orange Whiskey Sour recipe.

big apple manhattan
Emily hlavac green
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Big Apple Manhattan

This Manhattan uses apple brandy to give it a fruity twist. It's a strong enough drink to handle any and all holiday hustling, and is perfect served with any of our apple desserts.

Get the Big Apple Manhattan recipe.

red sangria
Parker feierbach
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Red Sangria

Our version of sangria is light and bubbly with an addition of seltzer water and quite a perfect ratio of wine to brandy. You don't necessarily want to use your best red wine for sangria. You will be adding lots of fruity elements and a nice dose of sugar, so even the not-so-great bottles will get a bit of a glow-up once we're done!

Get the Red Sangria recipe.

Ethan calabrese
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This iconic fruity, boozy drink will transport you right to Bourbon Street, where it was invented as a spin on a daiquiri. We think the weather report has a 100% chance of this becoming your next favorite cocktail.

Get the Hurricane recipe.

blueberry lemonade margaritas
Emily hlavac green
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Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas

This might be the most easy-drinking cocktail on the list. We bet you'll be adding this blueberry syrup to your drinks all summer long.

Get the Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas recipe.

rainbow sangria
erik bernstein
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Rainbow Sangria

Layering fruit in the glasses makes for the prettiest sangria presentation. If you don't want to bother, add it to the pitcher—the sangria will still be pretty as hell.

Get the Rainbow Sangria recipe.

painkiller cocktail
suzanne clements
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Painkiller Cocktail

Created in the 1970s at the Soggy Dollar Bar in British Virgin Islands, the Painkiller lives up to its name, delivering plenty of booze in a frothy, nutmeg-dusted package. Looking for a way to use up the rest of that pineapple juice? Our dole whip mimosas are a brunch staple.

Get the Painkiller Cocktail recipe.

strawberry daiquiri
Emily hlavac green
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Strawberry Daiquiri

Few things are as refreshing and delightful on a hot day as a frosty frozen daiquiri. Even diehard fans of piña coladas will love sipping the intoxicating blend of juicy, red strawberries brightened with lime. For best results, we call for two types of strawberries: fresh and frozen. Using frozen strawberries gives body to the drink without watering down the flavor like ice would.

Get the Strawberry Daiquiri recipe.

strawberry jalapeño mint julep
Emily hlavac green
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Strawberry Jalapeño Mint Julep

Don’t let Derby Day be your only excuse to make these juleps; they’re worthy all year. If you’re into spicy margs, then you’ll be able to handle the heat here; the jalapeño-infused simple syrup mellows out once it hits the cool mint and sweet berries.

Get the Strawberry Jalapeño Mint Julep recipe.

cherry sazerac
Emily hlavac green
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Cherry Sazerac

New Orleans made the Sazerac famous and is a classic cocktail for Mardi Gras. We added a little maraschino juice to this whiskey and cognac cocktail for a little fruity sweetness. It's bittersweet!

Get the Cherry Sazerac recipe.

seabreeze drink
Erik bernstein
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Seabreeze Drink

A Seabreeze is a refreshing and simple cocktail of vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice, garnished with a lime wedge. It’s basically the love child of a Cape Codder (fancy for vodka-cran) and a Salty Dog (a descendant of the Greyhound cocktail).

Get the Seabreeze Drink recipe.

Lucy schaeffer
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You can follow this step-by-step to cut your pineapple to yield juicy pieces of fruit, but what happens to all that trimmed waste? When it comes to repurposing inedible pineapple skin and the fibrous core, you can add sugar and water to those by-products and make fermented, Mexican tepache.

Get the Tepache recipe.

lemon blueberry daiquiri
Lucy schaeffer
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Lemon Blueberry Daiquiri

Inspired by our love of lemon blueberry margs, this brightly colored daiquiri has major springtime vibes. Between the fruity sweetness of the berries and the bright, citrusy flavor, the rum tends to fade to the background, making these surprisingly drinkable despite the strength. (So please drink responsibly!)

Get the Lemon Blueberry Daiquiri recipe.

spicy grapefruit sidecar
Emily hlavac green
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Spicy Grapefruit Sidecar

If the idea of sipping cognac kinda scares you, fear not: This concoction of grapefruit juice, triple sec (which you’re familiar with for making margaritas go down so easy), and a sweet-and-spicy rim is bomb.

Get the Spicy Grapefruit Sidecar recipe.

pineapple margarita
Andrew bui
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Pineapple Margarita

Fresh and fruity with the perfect kick of tequila, this pineapple margarita will take you straight to the shore, frosty glass in hand, in less time than it takes to squeeze those limes. And if you’re on a margarita kick, check out all our favorite margarita variations here.

Get the Pineapple Margarita recipe.

perfect piña colada
Ethan calabrese
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Perfect Piña Colada

Piña coladas are the perfect drink to have ready for a beach day. Fresh pineapple makes our piña colada extra tropical, but don't forget the paper umbrella. It's half of the appeal!

Get the Perfect Piña Colada recipe.

sex on the beach
Parker feierbach
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Sex On The Beach

Peachy, tart, and citrusy, this cocktail is the perfect drink to wind down with after a long day. It's our favorite summer cocktail that makes us feel like we're on the beach no matter where we are.

Get the Sex On The Beach recipe.

spiked coconut limeade
Andrew bui
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Spiked Coconut Limeade

To unlock the delicious concentrated flavor found in citrus skins, we made an oleo saccharum for this cocktail. Let us explain: Granulated sugar draws the flavorful essential oils out of citrus peels as they sit at room temperature. We love watching the sugar transform into a beautiful syrup, perfect for flavoring seltzer, cocktails, or desserts.

Get the Spiked Coconut Limeade recipe.

peach margarita
Joel Goldberg
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Peach Margarita

There are a bunch of ways to infuse a drink with fruit, like steeping some actual fruit in the alcohol itself or making a syrup out of berries or fruit juice. In this case, we have packed peachy goodness into this margarita with two ingredients: peach schnapps and peach puree.

Get the Peach Margarita recipe.

frozen watermelon margaritas
Parker feierbach
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Frozen Watermelon Margaritas

One of our favorite frozen drink pro tips? Chop up some fresh watermelon and throw it in the freezer the night before you make the margs—this ensures the drinks are perfectly slushy and ICE cold. If you forgot, don't fret! Two hours in the freezer should do the trick.

Get the Frozen Watermelon Margarita recipe.

frozen watermelon mojito
Erik bernstein
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Frozen Watermelon Mojito

Summer calls for a cold, refreshing drink in hand at all times. This watermelon version of a mojito is the perfect one. It’s perfectly sweetened and minty and an ideal summer cocktail. Keep watermelon in your freezer all summer so you are ready to make one at a moment’s notice.

Get the Frozen Watermelon Mojito recipe.

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