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34 TikTok Recipes That Are Totally Worth The Hype

If you can watch it, you can do it.

feta pasta tik tok
Andrew Bui

You saw it, you shared it, we tried it! TikTok is the go-to platform for seasoned chefs and aspiring foodies looking to have fun and try new things in the kitchen (that, and to learn new dance moves 😂). Whether you’re avidly on social media or have no idea what we’re even talking about (Tik what?), there are recipes in here for you. Some of these are fun, but maybe a little questionable (looking at you orange juice espresso), and some of them are truly great and are popular for a reason. Check out our 34 TikTok recipes—tag us @delish if you try any of them!

We were initially skeptical of a lot of these recipes until we tried them. Then WOAH. It became very clear how they broke the Internet, and we found ourselves coming back to them again and again. The yogurt toast, pesto egg-in-a-hole, or blended baked oats are on our constant breakfast rotation—paired with a Dalgona coffee, of course. When we’re looking for an easy lunch or snack, we’re often reaching for a grinder salad sandwich, the rebel within muffins (complete with a hidden soft-boiled egg inside), or a watermelon pizza (think watermelon salad, deconstructed). If we’re looking for a photo-worthy dinner? It’s all about the pasta. Try the copycat Carbone spicy rigatoni (thanks Gigi Hadid), the baked feta pasta (if you try only one recipe, this is it), or the zucchini Bolognese (thanks Meghan Markle). The one thing they’ve all got in common? They’ve all got tips and tricks that we bet will surprise you. That, and they’re incredible for making you feel super trendy. 😎.

pesto egg in a hole
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Pesto Egg-In-A-Hole

We can't believe we never thought to swap out our cooking oil of choice for pesto before! It makes SO much sense—once heated, the basil, pine nuts, and Parm in pesto fry up crispy and nutty, deepening their earthy flavors. Combine that with the perfection of an egg in a hole, and you’ve got yourself a special, next-level breakfast that comes together fast.

Get the Pesto Egg-In-A-Hole recipe.

strawberry white claw slushie
Suzanne Clements
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Spiked Seltzer Slushies

If you thought a can of White Claw was perfect on its own, you haven't given it a whirl in your blender. This recipe (if you can even call it that!) can be easily customized based on what flavors and fruits you prefer. Our favorite combos: lemon-flavored spiked seltzer + frozen strawberries or mango + frozen pineapple.

Get the Spiked Seltzer Slushies recipe.

baked feta pasta
Andrew Bui
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Baked Feta Pasta

Obviously roasting a block of feta with bursting tomatoes is going to be amazing. But is it good enough to break TikTok like this one did? Our answer, begrudgingly, is yes. It's genius—super easy, but fancy enough for date night. 😍

Get the Baked Feta Pasta recipe.

yogurt toast topped with berries and maple syrup
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Yogurt Toast

This TikTok number has taken breakfast tables by storm, and for good reason. It involves topping bread with a shortcut egg-yogurt “custard” to create a slightly sweet, fancy-ish dessert with barely any effort. The choices of toppings are ripe for your imagination. (FYI, Team Delish favors a bit of chocolate in the custard 😉)

Get the Yogurt Toast recipe.

dalgona coffee
Andrew Bui
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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee started as a Tik Tok trend, and quickly became a staple in our kitchens. All you need is instant coffee, sugar, and water (and a little elbow grease!) to make this fluffy, perfectly sweetened caffeine treat.

Get the Dalgona Coffee recipe.

pasta chips
Parker Feierbach
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Pasta Chips

You've heard of toasted ravioli, and now it's time to learn about pasta chips! These are the perfect thing to dip in a bowl of warm marinara and snack away. Thanks TikTok!

Get the Pasta Chips recipe.

blended baked oats
Andrew Bui
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Blended Baked Oats

The true genius behind this method is the blending of the oats to create a powder that resembles flour, so the baked result feels more like CAKE than breakfast.

Get the Blended Baked Oats recipe.

japanese souffle pancakes
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Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

Japanese soufflé pancakes can be challenging to master, but with a combination of technique, zen-like patience, and luck, you’ll be snacking on these pillowy confections in no time.

Get the Japanese Soufflé Pancakes recipe.

carbone spicy rigatoni
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Copycat Carbone Spicy Rigatoni

Back in 2020, the Internet went crazy over Gigi Hadid's recipe for spicy vodka pasta. In a series of Instagram stories, she taught us how to transform tomato paste into a rich, creamy sauce that rivals the famous $32 version at NYC's Carbone. TikTok went crazy for them, so we created our own! The secret to the delicious recipe? Turn caramelized onions into your creamy, Parm-filled sauce.

Get the Copycat Carbone Spicy Rigatoni recipe.

rebel within muffins
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Rebel Within Muffins

These TikTok famous muffins are cheesy, herb-studded, and more like a savory scone or biscuit in texture than your average muffin. The muffin itself is fantastic, and we wouldn't be upset to eat it all on its own, but add a perfectly soft-boiled egg inside, and we're OBSESSED.

Get the Rebel Within Muffins recipe.

birria quesatacos
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Birria Quesatacos

Although birria can be served in countless ways, we love making trending quesatacos stained red with the fat of the meat and seared until almost crispy. This helps melt the queso oaxaca and create what is essentially a mini quesadilla. What's not to love?

Get the Birria Quesatacos recipe.

bella hadid's tiktok viral pasta
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Bella Hadid's TikTok Viral Pasta

Bella Hadid's prosciutto pasta looks incredible in the TikTok, but how does it actually taste in real life? Is it better than her sister's recipe? In the spirit of scientific experimentation, we decided to put it to the test. The verdict? It's delicious.

Get the Bella Hadid's TikTok Viral Pasta recipe.

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Grinder Salad Sandwich

TikTok has been taken over by a new food sensation, and this time it's…an enormous sandwich. Grinder is the New England name for what you might call a sub, hoagie, or hero, and our favorite of them all is the Italian combo . The two things that set the TikTok recipe apart from a typical Italian sub: 1) Though it's typically served cold, this version is toasted, so the cheese gets nice and melty and the cured meats get slightly crispy. 2) The grinder salad itself (hint: it's got non-traditional mayo in it!).

Get the Grinder Salad Sandwich recipe.

hot chocolate bombs
Andrew Bui
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Hot Chocolate Bombs

ICYMI: Chocolate molds are filled with homemade hot cocoa mix and marshmallows that explode after being dropped into hot milk. Although theyare extremely fun to watch unfold, it's not just a novelty thing. The melted chocolate, along with the hot chocolate mix, makes the creamiest drink.

Get the Hot Chocolate Bombs recipe.

orange juice espresso drink
Allison Arnold
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Orange Juice Espresso

We tried the viral TikTok orange juice espresso drink, and we didn't hate it! We might not drink it every day, but if you're looking to mix up your regular cold brew on occasion, we say give this recipe a try! Hot tip: Drink it out of a wine glass like your favorite brunch cocktail.

Get the Orange Juice Espresso recipe.

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Crinkle Dessert

Made with a base of phyllo dough, the "viral crinkle dessert" emerges from the oven a crispy, sweet, custard-covered, GORGEOUS delight. Our take tastes like the love child of a kringle and baklava, with just a hint of cinnamon-spiked sticky bun.

Get the Crinkle Dessert recipe.

corona sunrise tiktok
@kendogkenny on TikTok
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Corona Sunrise

We know some folks might prefer not to mix booze and beer, but we think, with the right combinations, it can be a match made in heaven. Why do we love this tequila sunrise-inspired trend? It's genius, simple to make, and looks gorgeous. Bonus: using the bottle means you don't need to dirty up any extra dishes for mixing!

Get the Corona Sunrise recipe.

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Watermelon Pizza

This is essentially a deconstructed watermelon and feta salad. Slice the biggest round of watermelon you can, top with crumbled feta, red onion slices, torn basil, and balsamic. Slice into pizza-like triangles, and then post your photo to TikTok!

Get the Watermelon Pizza recipe.

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Chocolate Strawberry Turkeys

When we came across the visual of chocolate-covered strawberries in the shape of mini roasted turkeys on TikTok, we knew we had to try it. The trend seems to have started last year, with people taking strawberries, mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and melted chocolate and, with a little magic, transforming them into mini roasted turkeys. They are honestly so cute, we kind of want to make a chocolate-covered version of the whole Thanksgiving table.

Get the Chocolate Strawberry Turkeys recipe.

green goddess on a pita chip
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Baked By Melissa Green Goddess Salad

The Baked By Melissa vegan green goddess salad video has garnered 19 million views on TikTok and has started a serious cult following. We loved her original recipe so much, we did a Greek/Mediterranean twist on it, including a bit of crumbled feta to the salad to add a brine-y, cheesy bite!

Get the Baked By Melissa Green Goddess Salad recipe.

dalgona martini
Andrew Bui
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Dalgona Martini

Dalgona, or whipped coffee, is now the coolest thing to top all of your drinks with. Try it on top of this simple Baileys martini for an instant trendy pick-me-up.

Get the Dalgona Martini recipe.

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Baked By Melissa Kale Cobb Salad

You may have heard of the famed Baked By Melissa dippable salad. Now, Melissa has blessed us with a recipe that takes the classic Cobb salad and turns it on its head by subbing romaine for kale and adding a homemade miso dressing that beats bottled big time. She then takes it over the top with homemade crispy fried shallots that add crazy crunch.

Get the Baked By Melissa Kale Cobb Salad recipe.

dish, food, cuisine, ingredient, produce, leek soup, soup, recipe, vegetarian food, cruciferous vegetables,
Brandon Bales
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Campfire Queso

Let's be real, everyone loves Velveeta. The only way to make it better is by taking inspo from TikTok, and adding sausage and beer, and cooking it over a fire.

Get the Campfire Queso recipe.

sweet potato tacos
Tabitha Brown
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Tabitha Brown Sweet Potato Tacos

With more than four million followers on TikTok, vegan chef Tabitha Brown created the wholesome community we all so desperately needed in 2020. (Yes, some of her followers even call her "mom.") Tabitha shared one of her favorite taco recipes with us and invited her daughter, Choyce, along—but when we asked for specific measurements, she said "she cooks from the heart" and doesn't include. So channel your inner-Tabitha and don’t worry about exact amounts!

Get the Tabitha Brown Sweet Potato Tacos recipe.

food, finger food, biscuit, cuisine, organ, cookies and crackers, recipe, cooking, snack, cookie,
Parker Feierbach
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Cloud Bread

Recipes with only three ingredients are practically destined for TikTok stardom. Under #cloudbread on TikTok, you’ll find, perhaps, the fluffiest bread you’ve ever seen, with tons of variations. Here's our keto-friendly version, including variations for pizza, everything bagel, and ranch versi0ns.

Get the Cloud Bread recipe.

zucchini bolognese
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Zucchini Bolognese

It might sound wild, but it really works: Cooking zucchini low and slow for 4-5 hours turns it into a “mush” that’s surprisingly delicious, substantial, and best of all, simple. As Meghan Markle said, "The sauce gets so creamy, you'd swear there's tons of butter and oil in it, but it's just zucchini, water, and a little bouillon."

Get the Zucchini Bolognese recipe.

strawberry whipped milk
Lena Abraham
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Whipped Strawberry Milk

We're going to let you in on a little secret—you can whisk pretty much anything if you combine it with heavy cream! Here, we take a queue from food blogger Valentina Mussi and whip our childhood fave—strawberry milk powder—into a fluffy cloud of fruity goodness. Move over, Dalgona!

Get the Whipped Strawberry Milk recipe.

corn ribs
Chelsea Lupkin
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Corn Ribs

We didn't think we needed a new way to eat sweet corn, but TikTok convinced us with these "ribs". After a quick trip to the oven, these spiced cobs get crispy on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside. Plus, they're fun to eat!

Get the Corn Ribs recipe.

berries and cream charcuterie board
Andrew bui
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Berries and Cream Charcuterie Board

DIY "charcuterie" boards have been popping up all over TikTok, and for good reason. They're the ideal summer treat for feeding a few friends for a BBQ or impressing a crowd at your backyard blowout. Swap in your fave fruits (pretty much everything will go with that whipped honey ricotta 😍).

Get the Berries and Cream Charcuterie Board recipe.

hot dog board
Erik bernstein
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Hot Dog Board

What is a hot dog board exactly? It's an easy way to turn the cookout staple into a fun "charcuterie" board for your party to build and top their own dogs—because, let's face it, everyone likes their dogs a different way! You can try out various styles of buns (think classic, potato, brioche), and include a few different varieties of meat/alternatives as well (gotta have something for the vegetarians!).

Get the Hot Dog Board recipe.

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