It seems like almost every celebrity has their own line of wines or spirits these days. We're hard pressed to walk into a wine shop without spotting a famous name on at least one label. With all the star power behind these wine brands, we wanted to see how they stacked up so you know what to pick the next time you're looking for a celebrity-endorsed buzz.

For this taste test, we focused on celebrity sparkling wine. We tasted Cuvée, Prosecco, and sparkling red from a wide range of famous faces, from Cara Delevigne to Cameron Diaz, and rated each one on a scale of 1 to 5. Keep reading to see whose wine earned our top spot.

Vera Wang Party - Vera Wang


vera wang prosecco
Vera Wang Party

When she's not making designer dresses, Vera Wang is bottling up Prosecco. Upon opening this bottle, we were immediately hit with a syrupy, fruity sweetness. The taste is "somehow too sweet and too dry at the same time," said one of our tasters. At its price point, we agreed that it's a "passable prosecco." The design of the bottle might be too ostentatious for some, but a few of our testers could see this being an ideal gift for someone's 21st birthday. (Vera Wang Party, $27.99 at

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Avaline - Cameron Diaz & Katherine Power


avaline sparkling wine

Like the rest of Avaline's lineup, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Powers created this wine with transparency in mind. Rather than using the standard preservatives and additives found in some wines, this sparkling wine uses "healthier" ingredients like pea protein. Our tasters all hated the smell of this wine, with one of them comparing the aroma to "expired applesauce." The wine itself tasted super fruity and funky. "I can't tell if it's on purpose or not," said one of our tasters, "but the natural ingredients are not doing it any favors." (Avaline Sparkling Wine, $30 at

LVE - John Legend


lve sparkling rose

John Legend's sparkling rosé uses grapes from the Loire Valley to create a wine that our taste testers described as "classy." This sparkling wine was heavy on the acid and sugar, with an aftertaste that was "unpleasantly funky." Some of us found it refreshing while others compared it to "bodega wine." If you like super sweet wine it's worth a try, but otherwise, skip it. (LVE French Sparkling Rosé, $20 at

Della Vite - Cara & Poppy Delevingne


della vite prosecco
Della Vite

Two more celebs in the wine game are model-actress-socialite sisters Poppy and Cara Delevingne. Della Vite is a play on their last name, but sounds like a fancy villa in the Italian countryside. Our team of testers LOVED the design of the bottle and we all thought that the wine was "fresh, crisp, and nicely dry." There was an element of bitterness that some of our tasters didn't like. Overall, however, this is a great Prosecco that isn't too sweet. A great pick for the price. (Della Vite Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, $29.91 at

Sun Goddess - Mary J. Blige


sun goddess prosecco
Sun Goddess

This was one of the bottles our team was most excited to try. The bottle itself has a fun, sorta-holographic label. Her Prosecco was on the sweet side, which comes with the territory for this type of wine. It felt "super silky" on our tongues, with some of us comparing it to "a buttery, sparkling Chardonnay." We could see this wine being enjoyed at a fancy affair, like at a high-end restaurant. (Sun Goddess Prosecco, $22 at

Bourdon - Becca Kufrin


bourdon wine

If you're not part of Bachelor Nation, Becca Kufrin is a bona fide veteran of the franchise who now hosts her own podcast and stage productions. Her wine brand Bourdon (which means bumblebee in French) is dedicated to sparkling wine. We tried all three types—Pinot Noir Rosé, Sparkling Syrah, and Grand Cuvée.

Our team loved them all! The Pinot Noir Rosé was our favorite, with its "light berry flavor" and an effervescence we could only describe as "absolutely lovely." The Syrah was a fun departure from the other sparkling wines in this roundup, with a deep "blackberry" flavor. One of our tasters described the Grand Cuvée as "balanced and super drinkable." We'd enjoy these wines with dinner, at a picnic, in cocktails—pretty much anywhere! (Bourdon Pinot Noir Rosé, Sparkling Syrah, and Grand Cuvée, $25 each at

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